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In the warmer months, we spend more time basking in the sun and enjoying our outdoor spaces. Designing for outside use creates unique opportunities to do things differently, incorporating techniques and materials that can endure changing weather and exposure to the elements. Whether you’re designing for a terrace, balcony, or poolside patio, these designs will transform your outdoor space into an elegant and relaxing piece of paradise.
Lucidi & Pevere
Introducing plush upholstery to the outdoor setting, the Yak Outdoor Collection is a gorgeous and contemporary addition to your outdoor space, featuring a lounge chair and sofa. The sofa and the chair have frames in oil-rubbed teak, with suspended woven polypropylene for structure for the back and seat. The cushions are filled with, and upholstered in, waterproof materials. The collection incorporates masterful construction techniques that have made Italian design world famous, while showcasing a beautiful juxtaposition of materials and textures—perfectly equipped to provide style and comfort to patios, decks, poolside spaces, and cabanas.
Gubi Design Team
Highlighting the versatility and dynamic nature of solid wood furniture, the Atmosfera table is organically beautiful, and blends seamlessly into almost any outdoor setting. The natural teak encourages connections to nature and the outdoors, without sacrificing elegance. Atmosfera’s construction is durable and incorporates the highest quality materials, ensuring that the design will endure through years of frequent use. While subtle and understated at first glance, Atmosfera will become a statement piece and focal point in outdoor surroundings.
Gabriele and Oscar Buratti
Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be bland, nor should it sacrifice style, as is evident with the Saen Outdoor table. Elegant and refined, Saen’s fluid silhouette offers a sense of sophistication and modernity not often found in items designed for outdoor use. The range of colors, as well as dining and coffee table options, allow this beautiful design to cater to a wide range of spaces, functions, and taste preferences. The polyurethane base and ceramic tabletop are available in black, white, graphite grey, and sand.
Hee Welling
Tasteful and refined, the Rely Outdoor Collection offers exceptional versatility and timeless design elements, allowing you to facilitate outdoor arrangements with ease. In addition to incorporating pleasing minimalist aesthetics, designer Hee Welling incorporated a series of functional details to strengthen it against the elements—UV protection ensures that its plastic frame won’t bleach in sunlight, while a small hole in the seat allows water to escape. The collection is available in white or black.
Pierre Paulin
Plush, curvaceous, and comfortable, Pacha evokes the sense of lounging atop a cloud. In its outdoor rendition, the design is as customizable as the original, allowing for an endless array of modular arrangements to suit the scale and style of your outdoor space. Pacha’s construction features a specially developed membrane interlayer that is both water-resistant and breathable to ensure quick drying after exposure to rain, while the full swivel base is made from moisture-resistant material. Finally, a removable rain cover offers further protection from the elements so as soon as the rain clears, you can sit amongst the clouds once more.