March 12, 2020

When designing or creating an interior space, furniture is only the beginning. The details and accessories we choose are what truly make a room our own, adding a sense of character and identity to the spaces where we live, work, and socialize in. For nearly two decades, Belgium-based manufacturer When Objects Work has been collaborating with world renowned designers and architects to produce exceptional, high-quality accessories for the home. Their work reminds us that beauty, elegance, and excitement can be found in everyday functional objects, turning simple tasks into something genuinely special. This week, we’re highlighting five items that provide an introduction to When Objects Work’s stunning portfolio. Click here to browse the entire collection.
Kate Hume
Modeled after Kate Hume’s timeless glass designs, Caillou and Pebbles, Rock presents a similar concept in a larger form. The Rock vase retains many of the designer’s signature elements, such as bold shapes, jewel-tone colors, and exceptional glass artistry. Gentle and fluid, colorful and enticing, Rock is capable of not only transforming your space, but creating a fantastic new environment entirely. The larger size allows the design to step into a truly striking presence while dramatically emphasizing the textures and qualities of mouth-blown glass. Available in cognac, dark grey green, and aubergine.
Michaël Verheyden
Known for combining innovation, craftsmanship, and quality to create clean-cut, purified designs, Michaël Verheyden’s MV Coupe is a perfect example of When Objects Work’s commitment to offering elevated, current, and unique accessories for both residential and commercial spaces. Though a relatively simple design at first glance, the MV Coupe in marble retains a classic, dignified sense of sophistication and style. The MV Coupe is available in solid white carrara marble or solid portoro marble, walnut, and oak, allowing the design to cater perfectly for spaces emphasizing both darker or lighter tones.
Kristine Five Melvær
The soft vases are a continuation of the Still Life project where Kristine Five Melvær reinterprets the traditional still life motives. Following the concept of the soft bowl series, these vases express the same fluid shapes using overlapping transparent glass. The slender indent in the vase, which caters to small flower arrangements, allows the viewer to see every part of the flower without compromising the design’s initial concept or shape. A subtle and tasteful addition to a wide range of spaces, the KFM Soft Vase lends itself to the convenient beautification of any home, restaurant, or workspace. Available in three sizes in transparent, green, or purple mouth-blown glass.
Vincent Van Duysen
In its latest iteration, the VVD Pottery Collection is now available in stunning black lacquer. Both the solid oak lid and smooth ceramic base showcase the captivating property of an all-black design, whose neutral color allows the collection to blend elegantly into a wide range of modern spaces. Whether used for serving, decoration, or to store everyday kitchen items, the VVD Pottery Collection in black is both stylish and functional, and an ideal accessory for the contemporary home. Available in three sizes.
John Pawson
The JP Salad Servers exemplify the idea of taking a simple household item and transforming it into something more. Initially designed as part of a tableware collection to provide the Abbey of Novy Dvür in Bohemia with a set of dishes and utensils that would meet both the functional and aesthetic needs of the monastic community, Pawson explains: “the designs reflect a commitment to the discipline of paring away until what is left cannot be improved by further subtraction. I seek the comfort of exactness, an absolute precision of scale and proportion.” Spoon and fork in black ebony.
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