May 29, 2019

Throughout history, nature has always lent itself to the creation of beautiful and elegant objects. The use of organic materials allows us to develop genuine connections with the materials’ origins, giving us a greater understanding of the processes behind the designs that fill our spaces. And while the word “organic” is often associated with rustic or earthy aesthetics, this week’s featured items are proof that organic materials can be used to create contemporary, forward-thinking, and innovative designs.
David Ericsson, 2019
David Ericsson’s Hedda Chair is a prime example of how different organic materials can work in tandem to create a timeless, versatile chair. Inspired by classical Chinese chairs, the Greek klismos chair, and traditional Nordic design, Hedda draws from a variety of cultures and regions to present a design that is forward-thinking, ergonomic, and elegant. The seat is available in twine or vegetable-tanned leather, combined with a natural oak frame. Hedda manages to feel contemporary wherever it is placed, be it a restaurant, home, or public space, while still highlighting the transformative qualities of organic materials. 
Chris L. Halstrøm,  2019
After graduating from The Royal Danish Academy, designer Chris L. Halstrøm opened her studio which focuses on small objects influenced or intended for everyday situations. Taking this commitment to common conveniences and functionality, Halstrøm designed the CH Module for A. Petersen, where a sofa and a chair combine to form the perfect daybed. The sofa is available fully upholstered in cotton or with loose eelgrass cushions, an exceptional example of the wide range of unique, organic materials used by today's designers. The design begs the question—can a functional piece of furniture also be a visual work of art? The CH Module answers with a resounding "yes."
Hanna Korvela, 1997
Duetto was designer Hanna Korvela’s international breakthrough. The recipient of the prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best award, Duetto is made of a harmonious combination of cotton and paper yarn, whose qualities and textures compliment each other beautifully. Simple and minimalist, Duetto retains a unique sense of warmth that elevates any environment into an inviting space, and represents Korvela’s illustrious career designing contemporary rugs. Hand-woven in Finland and designed for reversible use, Duetto is available in a wide range of colors.
Paul McCobb, 2019
Paul McCobb was a pioneer of contemporary design, whose creations have filled homes across the world with lasting, quality design. The Planner Shelving series combines McCobb’s signature graphic aesthetic with an unwavering commitment to functionality. With natural oak shelves that effortlessly incorporate an organic material, the simple yet striking shelving unit is available in three versions, each in varying heights and configurations. These different versions allow Planner to work in almost any space—as a bookshelf, display unit, kitchen storage, or even as a room divider.
Klemens Grund, 2019
Taut is German designer Klemens Grund’s first design for Zeitraum. Constructed entirely out of solid wood, Taut is a dynamic table that can be used as either a dining table or a work table. Suitable for both traditional and contemporary environments, the table’s organic materials lend to a modern design with undeniable character. However, Taut's true genius can be found in its collapsibility and functional design. The table is fully collapsible and contains no hardware, while its small, wooden wedges hold the legs to ensure a firm footing. Taut is available in ash, oak, knotty oak, color stained oak, cherry, or walnut.
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