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Summer is in full swing at the SUITE NY showroom, and we have so many magnificent new pieces on the floor from some of our favorite designers and brands. From Italy to Scandinavia to the United States, spanning decades from mid-century classics to today’s latest novelties, our showroom is the perfect place to explore which designs call to you, and our dedicated and knowledgable sales team is here to guide you every step of the way. This week, we’re highlighting five fabulous finds all currently displayed on our showroom floor.
Everything about the CB-50 lounge chair is simply captivating, and we’d expect nothing less from our good friends at BassamFellows. This beautiful low-back lounge chair draws from clear mid-century influences, utilizing clean lines and rounded edges to define a tasteful and sophisticated design. The chair is spacious enough to maximize relaxation, while the seat and back are angled for ergonomic balance and ultimate comfort, allowing the user to sink into the seat rather than perch. Frame available in solid walnut, white oak, ash, or ebonized ash.
Hans J. Wegner
PP Møbler’s entire collection serves as a testament to the inimitable beauty and strength of solid wooden furniture, and the Bar Bench provides a framework for just how diverse and intricate this timeless material can be. The slatted surface offers an exciting sense of depth and dimension, and adds character and excitement to an otherwise subtle design. As with all of PP Møbler’s designs, the PP589 Bar Bench is wonderfully versatile, and though it was designed in 1953, has the ability to instantly modernize any room where it is placed. Available in oak or ash.
Hee Welling
The Rely dining chair is a forward-thinking and minimalist design, deceptively simple yet strikingly stylish. Designer Hee Welling dedicated nearly a year to researching the right materials for this piece, and the result is an environmentally-friendly chair whose modern shell is crafted entirely from recycled plastic. Rely’s genius can also be found in its approachability—the design’s pleasing geometry and silhouette establish Rely as a chair that is not just comfortable to sit in, but truly wonderful to admire, aesthetically pleasing in every possible way. Shell available in white, black, light blue, stone grey, red brown, or beige with multiple upholstery options available. Base available tube, swivel, or a-frame.
Elisa Ossino
Effortless and contemporary, the Erei Sofa is the kind of design you can’t help falling in love with, and looks incredibly chic in virtually any space. When describing her creative process, Italian designer Elisa Ossino explains “I always set out to create an iconic object. Something very special that doesn’t already exist, that you remember.” The Erei Sofa is no exception. Inspired by the Erean Mountain Range in Sicily, the sofa is the basis for a modular seating system that can be assembled into a plush, inviting landscape of different configurations—the ideal solution for the modern lounge or living space.
Omi Tahara
Mid-century inspiration and contemporary shapes converge harmoniously in the Blendy Armchair. Featuring a slim, light frame and plush cushions, Japanese designer Omi Tahara weaves together an emotional relationship between people and objects through a delicate linear gesture. Blendy has the ability to transform itself through the colors and textures of the upholstery, and thus, immediately impacts the surrounding space, as well. Comfortable and adaptable, Blendy is certain to become a beloved staple within the home.