August 21, 2019

Storage and display — two of the most important concepts in the places we occupy. How we organize our spaces, and how we show off the things we love the most, play an integral role in the way we, and others, feel in our most cherished environments. This week, we’re highlighting five storage systems that will inspire you to integrate storage into the home or workplace in new and innovative ways. These structural, modular storage systems allow you to showcase books, art, and items in ways that not only add to your space, but transform it entirely.
MA/U Studio – Mikkal Harrsen, 2015
The R.I.G. modular shelving system was designed based on the idea of joining simple principles—optimized use of materials, enhanced functionality and a minimalist aesthetic; all with an industrial touch. R.I.G. is an ultra-flexible modular system defined by clean lines, helping to organize storage spaces by drawing a geometric layout that is ideal for both domestic and professional environments. The system combines only a handful of components which can be easily connected in numerous ways, all attached by using a universal screw. Shelves available in marble, glass, veneer, or MDF.
Anders Hermansen, 2018
Striking and impressive but not overstated, Poise presents a versatile and modern option for organizing your space. Designed and produced in Denmark by Engelbrechts, the system is based on T-shaped elements that are easy to arrange in different configurations, giving endless possibilities and allowing you to compose any shelving arrangement you may need. Regardless of dimensions or the shape of the room, Poise can be configured to fit seamlessly into the space. Frame in ABS composite material, available in black or white.
Jean Nouvele, 2018
Innovative and experimental, Ami Verre transforms the concept of a standard shelving system and turns it into something unexpected and exciting. Supremely modern and incredibly elegant, Ami Verre adds a touch of sophistication while providing ample space to display all of your favorite books and treasures. Ami Verre is made in Italy by Glas Italia, whose dedication to ensuring the finest materials and expert craftsmanship are emphasized in every piece, and whose mastery in glass furniture design is truly unsurpassed in the global design world. Structure in black smoke tempered glass.  
Mathieu Mategot, 1954
Throughout his illustrious career, Mathieu Mategot traveled the world in search of inspiration and techniques, and utilized his knowledge to create a wide range of iconic designs. Out of this process came Demon, a unique shelving system with distinctive character. Demon subtly combines a variety of different shapes to create a refreshingly light shelving system that doesn’t feel like something we’ve seen before. Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, Demon is available in natural oak, natural walnut, or black stained ash with black lacquered metal brackets, and with three, four, or five shelves in four different widths.
Originally designed by Dieter Rams, 1984
Dieter Rams designed the 606 Universal Shelving System under the premise that "a bookcase should be neutral, its life comes from the books it contains." A fluid and extremely flexible system, 606 exhibits an appealing industrial sleekness, and can be placed against a wall or used as a room divider with options including shelves, inclined shelves, drawers, rods for clothing, cabinets with fold-away doors, and a desk unit. Incredibly customizable and available in a wide range of heights, the 606 Universal Shelving System is a supreme storage solution for any and all spaces.
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