July 31, 2019

So often we idealize the summer getaway, but who could forget the magic of summer in the city? Defined by rooftop gatherings, picnics in the park, and golden sunsets, summer’s long, warm days and cool nights bring a sense of anticipation and adventure that reminds us why we fall in love with cities in the first place — because the possibilities are endless. This week, we’re highlighting five items that elevate your space to ensure that your summer in the city is as stylish as it is exciting.
Ole Schjøll, 2018
Summertime has a way of freeing us from our usual commitment to our schedules, encouraging lively dinners or drinks with friends on any night of the week. Thankfully, the OS Dining Table is here to make impromptu hosting an absolute breeze. Initially designed for his own home, Ole Schjøll set out to create the perfect dining table, where meals could be enjoyed with family and friends. The result is a modern, geometric dining table where circle and cube meet in the form of a round table top and steel wire base. The connecting steel wires contribute to an industrial but stylish appearance, and the star-shaped wiring creates a focal point, allowing the dining table to become the centerpoint of the room. Available in black linoleum or white laminate
Matti Klenell & Peter Andersson, 2018
Produced in Sweden by one of our newest and most exciting partners, Källemo, the Botero dining chair was originally designed for the restaurant at the National Museum in Stockholm. After being closed for five years, the National Museum in Stockholm underwent a transformative renovation to modernize the space, all the while respecting the architectural integrity of the building. A key element to the restaurant in the museum, Botero retains a classic feel without appearing outdated or familiar, and with its leather upholstered seat and wraparound back, the chair offers an exceptionally comfortable dining experience. Available in a variety of colors, Botero fits well in environments of all different style preferences, both commercial and residential. Frame in ash, seat upholstered in leather.
Horst Brüning, 1968 | 2016
Summer is the season of entertaining, so why not simplify the process? The HB Bar Cart was originally designed by Horst Brüning in 1968 and reintroduced by Lange Production in 2016. Elite structural engineering and attention to detail are the calling cards of Lange Production, and both can be found in the functional and stylish identity of the HB Bar Cart. Featuring high-tech scratch resistant surfaces, elegantlyhand-wrappedd handles and industrial grade castors, this newly introduced bar cart has all the makings of a future classic.
Dan Svarth, 2018
Born out of a collaboration between designer Dan Svarth and Danish manufacturer A. Petersen, the idea behind the Dan Svarth Sofa was to design a new sofa with its own unique character, while referencing modernist classics and utilizing high-quality materials. The result is a beautifully distinguished sofa with elegant curves, clean lines, and timeless appeal, which is attractive and appealing when viewed from virtually any angle. The perfect addition to your summer setup, the Dan Svarth Sofa’s chic and relaxed appeal begs you to lounge away the Summer days.
Greta Grossman, 1951 | 2018
Perfectly angled for lounging, the shape, and structure of the GMG Chaise mirror the body’s natural curves for optimal relaxation. Exhibiting a refreshing visual lightness, the chaise seems to float upon its distinctive metal legs while the plush cushion lends itself to provide supreme comfort. Representing a link between European design and American modernism, Greta Grossman combined her Swedish fondness for form and texture with a design meant for bright and open spaces. Whether indoors or out, while enjoying a book or a glass of wine, the GMG Chaise allows you to take relaxation to a whole new level.
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