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NY TIMES: Shopping With Suchi Reddy

Suchi Reddy of Reddymade Design LLC took to the streets of NYC to shop with NY TIMES’ Tim McKeough for furnishings for the foyer.

According to the talented designer, the entrance hall gets no respect. “People just think about their couch, their TV and where they’re going to sleep and eat.”  

Shocking, considering just how many things you need at your disposal as soon as you walk through your front door!

Our Mirror Stool, designed by Nendo for Glas Italia, is the perfect multi-functional piece to place in the foyer. Not only is it visually striking and a wonderful way to set the tone of your home, it does double duty and seat and a mirror.  Sit down to take off your boots while simultaneously fluffing your hair.

Ms. Reddy writes “It’s a beautiful combination,” she said, and the mirrored glass “will make the space feel bigger.”

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