January 15, 2020

Maybe we’re partial to NOIR because we’re based in New York, but there’s something that feels incredibly chic about black furniture. From fabric and leather to upholstery, metal, or wood, designs with black as the primary color have endless potential to transform an environment, while pairing effortlessly with items of any color and shade. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to help you introduce the darkest color to your space.
FK 6720
Fabricius & Kastholm
Black upholstery looks stylish on its own, but it feels undeniably chic when placed alongside other materials, which, in the case of the FK6720 lounge chair, includes sleek stainless steel, and wrapped leather cord. Yet another stunning mid-century design in Fabricius & Kastholm's impressive portfolio, the design rests luxurious, leather-upholstered cushions on top of structured, angular stainless steel, or as shown pictured in a black powder coated steel frame, which features wrapped-leather around each arm. In addition to adding comfort, these features add a sense of retro style to an already chic seat.
Frits Henningsen
Considered to be Frits Henningsen’s last design in a career as one of Denmark’s finest cabinetmakers, the Signature Chair is a rare and classic piece often sought after by collectors. Released in 1954, the design underwent various adjustments before settling into its present form of pureness, simplicity, and curved lines—characteristics often employed by Henningsen in his later pieces. Exuding comfort and tranquility, the harmonious contrast of black leather against solid wood establishes a sense of elegance and maturity, perfect for homes of many tastes and preferences. Frame available in oak or walnut.
MA/U Studio
The R.I.G. modular shelving system was designed based on the idea of joining simple principles—optimized use of materials, enhanced functionality, and a minimalist aesthetic; all with an industrial touch. R.I.G. is an ultra-flexible modular system defined by clean lines, helping to organize storage spaces by drawing a geometric layout that is ideal for both domestic and professional environments. The system combines only a handful of components which can be easily connected in numerous ways, all attached by using a universal screw. With shelves and frame available in all black, R.I.G. is astoundingly versatile and blends seamlessly into any space. 
Matti Klenell & Peter Andersson
When it comes to dining chairs, the design possibilities are vast, which leads to exciting and innovative options that feel new and refreshing. Botero’s shape and silhouette are both genuinely unique, and the leather-upholstered seat and wraparound back lend to exceptional comfort. Originally designed for the newly renovated National Museum in Stockholm, Botero is an ideal choice for both residential or commercial dining spaces. In Black, Botero steps into an even more stylish presentation, and creates an added sense of sophistication. Botero retains a classic feel without appearing outdated or familiar, and offers an fantastically comfortable dining experience.
Douglas Fanning
Taper is a forward-thinking, contemporary light. Stunningly slender, Taper casts light both upward and downward for increased ambiance—you may even find yourself surprised that such a slim lamp can emit such an expansive range of light. In black, Taper takes on an even sleeker, more versatile identity, and almost feels intentionally futuristic. Stem and canopy available in gloss white, gloss black, brushed brass, brushed stainless steel, blackened stainless steel, mirror-polished stainless steel, all of which pair beautifully with the elegance of the black shade.
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