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The lantern is an ancient concept for illuminating spaces, and in every culture across the globe, different characteristics have allowed for variations in how lanterns look, feel, and function. Typically exuding a soft glow, lanterns are often utilized to add an approachable warmth and coziness to our spaces. Today’s designers have elevated this classic item into something magnificently chic. This week, we’re showcasing five luxurious lanterns to transform your interior.
Toyo Ito
Produced by world-renowned lighting powerhouse Yamagiwa, the Mayuhana Floor Lamp showcases the impeccable attention to detail that makes Japanese design so unique. Featuring an elaborate shade made from fine strands of spun fiberglass and a finely woven mutli-layer internal diffuser, Mayuhana creates a captivating light. Available in black or white.
Time & Style
The elegant Bombori floor lamp is entirely handmade with the traditional Japanese materials of Akita cedarwood and translucent Mino washi paper. Paying homage to its own cultural heritage while still feeling current and contemporary, the lamp provides a warm, subtle ambiance. The beauty of the Bombori lamp allows the design to quietly position itself as a statement piece, defining the room around it and immediately garnering attention.
Jaime Hayon
In Formakami, Jaime Hayon merges traditional materials with modern appeal. Formakami is made of ivory white paper and black lacquered oak and presents a refined visual lightness. The light emitted is soft and warm, while the design’s geometric silhouette adds a sense of dynamic personality. Hayon’s unmatched design sensibility is evident in each of his timeless pieces and Formakami is no exception. Wherever you place this lantern, it is certain to have an impact.
Gabriella Crespi
To describe Crespi’s floor lamp as “a lamp unlike any other” would hardly do it justice— encased entirely in rattan strips, this design is the pinnacle of Crespi’s creativity and ingenuity. An entirely unexpected take on a lantern, the pattern of the strips allows the lamp to cast a delicate play of light, inspiring an atmosphere of rustic warmth. Bohemian 72 can be placed both indoors and out.

Time & Style
Nagoya’s design reinterprets a traditional Japanese rectangular lamp used in the mid-Edo period. The material chosen for the frame, Akita cedar, is perfectly suited for designing a high-quality lamp. The cedar pairs harmoniously with the shade, which is made of Mino handmade washi paper. The Nagoya has a quiet architectural presence that adds a serene light to its surroundings.