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The mirror is a seemingly simple item, however when the concept of a mirror is merged with the imagination, skill, talent, and creativity of a passionate designer, options become limitless. More than just mirrors, the designs in our collection are functional works of art, elevating the entire feeling and experience of a space. This week, we’re highlighting five magnificent mirrors that showcase the true artistry and mastery that can be explored with this unique and essential item.
Yabu Pushelberg
There’s something magnificent about a design that encapsulates a concept so innovative, it stands apart from anything we’ve seen before. Scribble offers a unique visual motif, and almost appears as if it were a hand-painted work of art. The mirrored surface mimics the elements of a brushstroke on a neutral black or antiqued silver leaf backgrounds. If you’re looking to add a creative and unexpected touch to your space, Scribble may be precisely what you’re looking for. Available in three different versions.
Functionality is always paramount, and the combination of a mirror and a wall lamp is a classic example of one item addressing two essential needs. Entrelacs is known for an inimitable understanding and incorporation of alabaster into their designs, and in the Hublot mirror, this dynamic stone serves as a shade for the wall light, which encircles a sleek, glass mirror. The warm illumination combined with timeless, elegant materials allows Hublot to blend seamlessly into any space, from bedrooms to lounge spaces to baths, and provide a sense of sophistication.
Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
Simultaneously modern and classic, the Como Mirrors are a stunningly beautiful exercise in reflection, composition, color, and material. Available in a range of colors, configurations, and sizes, the Como mirrors can accommodate virtually any space or setting, and their ability to open, close, and reflect one another can create entrancing new realities within a room. When the panels are fully closed, the mirrors are hidden entirely, leaving only matte-lacquered glass visible. Como is available in a variety of frame and lacquered glass options, making it customizable for any space.
Chic and appealing, the round mirror has become a staple in contemporary spaces—and it has never looked better than in the IOI Mirror. The name comes from the mirror’s primary detail, a brass ring framed by linear steel, and the entire design incorporates the masterful craftsmanship and commitment to high-quality materials that GUBI is known for. The IOI mirror is a stylish and versatile accessory and works well in spaces of all tastes and styles, perfect for adorning an empty wall and adding personality to living spaces. Frame available in chrome or black.
Ettore Sottsass
This iconic post-modernist vanity mirror was designed by Ettore Sottsass, the celebrated Italian architect and designer of the late 20th century. Sottsass’s body of design work included furniture, jewelry, glass, lighting, and office machine design. Perhaps best known as the founder of the Memphis Group in the 1980s, famous for its colorful and flamboyant furniture, ceramics, and lighting pieces, Sottsass started his career working as a design consultant for Olivetti. The mirror is crystal with an Alpi veneer frame. The shelf and the base are in aniline-varnished wood with gold plated cylindrical elements.