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Studies show that cool colors like mint green have a zen-like quality that promote peace and calm. We believe the addition of this color to your space is bound to have positive affects! This week, we bring you five designs available in minty fresh hues that are sure to add an air of serenity to your home.
Mathias Hahn, 2013
The E8 table’s long and narrow format allows it to be used as both an everyday work station and kitchen table. In oak, all surfaces except the top are coloured using a staining technique that offers saturated and bright colours, while ensuring that the natural texture of the wood remains visible.
Hans J. Wegner, 1950
Widely considered a founding master of Danish Modernisn, Hans J. Wegner’s stackable Elbow chair conforms to the designer’s signature style, known as “organic functionalism.” An affinity for expert woodworking and craftsmanship is apparent in each of his designs.
Jorgen Rasmussen, 1959 | 2012
Kevi is a classic office chair with a hardwearing principle: the better you sit, the more you get done. Designed by an architect, it is suitable for homes, offices, schools, and workplaces. Everything is visible and nothing is superfluous: the seat, back, base, and controls are designed with functional perfection.
Jaime Hayon, 2015
Designed as the low-back answer to Jaime Hayon’s breakout Ro™, the Fri™ Armchair’s lower top and more compact proportions give you space, while still having the powerful impact of the original. With Fri™, you are present and free to interact with your surroundings.
Space Copenhagen, 2014
The Copenhagen Pendant trapezes the functional and artistic line of good design while transporting you to the classic seaside piers of Copenhagen. Matte-laquered and sculptural in its form, this item is available in three sizes and can be hung solo or clustered together for a more dramatic effect.