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For roughly a century, Milan has continued to define itself as an epicenter of design and has gifted us with many of the world’s best designers. The Milanese aesthetic is admired and uniquely authentic, and has often been adopted and integrated into designs from other parts of the globe due to its appeal. In celebration of Salone de Mobile 2023, we’re showcasing five magnificent Milanese-inspired designs to introduce the magic of Milan Design Week into your home.
Achille Castiglioni & Giancarlo Pozzi
Rampa is a multifunctional station on wheels, inspired by the traditional florist’s display stands found on Italian town squares. The design’s genius lives in Rampa’s dynamic functionality—it can be used as a desk, a bookshelf, display shelf, or a storage unit. On castors with brakes, Rampa can easily be moved around or remain fixed. Available in Smoked Oak or Oiled Smoked Oak finishes.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Angelo Mangiarotti’s contributions to Italian design cannot be overstated, and his legacy lives on in his designs—one of which is the Club 44 Table. Designed specifically for a cultural club of the same name in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the table was only produced for the club until now. Like many of Mangiarotti’s designs, the Club 44 Table finds its roots in the designer’s passion for architectural concepts, and presents a striking addition to the contemporary home.
Elisa Ossino
The Erei Sofa is the kind of design you can’t help falling in love with. When describing her creative process, Italian designer Elisa Ossino explains “I always set out to create an iconic object. Something very special that doesn’t already exist, that you remember.” Inspired by the Erean Mountain Range in Sicily, the sofa is the basis for a modular seating system that can be assembled into a plush, inviting landscape of different configurations—the ideal solution for the modern lounge or living space.
Ettore Sottsass
Glas Italia continues to push the envelope with designs that feel transcendent, and Sybilla is no exception. An exploration of shape, color, and material, Sybilla is truly a work of art, merging a large crystal mirror with a fluid, triangular console table made of pearwood and Alpi veneer. Sybilla is a statement piece which sets the tone for an entire room evoking a feeling of stylishness and modernity.

Giopato and Coombes
Yet another show-stopping design by Italian lighting powerhouse duo, Giopato & Coombes, Maehwa is a gorgeous suspension lamp. In Korean, Maehwa means “plum blossom,” an homage to the design’s source of insipiration. Each element of Maehwa – the modular brass structure, the glass spheres, and the light source, is cohesively organic. Available in transparent, opal white, pale pink or smokey grey glass.