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Animals have influenced every area of art and design throughout history. Across the globe, animals represent cultural values, regional characteristics, and the beauty of nature, so it’s no surprise that designers often reference them in their work, sometimes in ways that feel obvious and sometimes in ways that feel subtle. This week, we’re getting in touch with our wild side and highlighting five designs from our collection that draw influence and inspiration from animals.

Matti Klenell

Though we’ve never hugged a panda bear, we imagine that the experience would feel warm, soft, and comforting. Similarly, the Panda armchair emulates this exact feeling. Exceptionally comfortable, Panda’s plush seat and wide arms beckon you with its cozy embrace. Panda is a forward-thinking armchair, a cohesive design that feels intentional through its rounded edges, which are present in both the upholstery and the molded wood frame. Though certainly contemporary, Panda is quite versatile and finds itself fitting seamlessly into almost any room.

Hans J. Wegner

Allow yourself to be embraced by the great bear paws of this timeless, supremely comfortable easy chair. The solid wooden frame is strongly jointed and shaped to form a solid base for the comprehensive traditional upholstery work, which defines the chair’s modern and elegant silhouette. This classic chair is a stunning example of the versatility and timeless presence of mid-century furniture, with the ability to define and transform a lounge space into something special. Consider it an investment for life, as gifted Danish craftsmen spend at least two weeks hand-crafting each chair to the highest standards. Available upholstered in leather or fabric.


Inspired by the noble praying mantis, the signature stance and powerful limbs of this chair offer a study in contrasts— the Mantis is sturdy and solid, yet visually light. Carved entirely from solid wood, this contemporary lounge chair emulates the classic American style and dedication to strong, durable construction that BassamFellows is known for. While the Mantis may be thought of as an exotic species, this chair tends to look right at home wherever it is placed, both in contemporary and traditional interiors. Highlighting just how stunningly gorgeous solid wood furniture can be, Mantis upholds BassamFellows’ decades-long commitment to working with only the highest quality materials. Available in walnut, white oak, or ash, with optional hand-stitched leather cushion. 

Arne Jacobsen

Is there anything more graceful than a swan? The Swan Chair is a flowing, elegant design, utilizing only curves without any straight lines, originally designed for the lobby and lounge areas at the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1958. Arne Jacobsen was commissioned to design every element of the hotel, including the furniture, yielding several timeless designs and further solidifying his place in design history. This iconic chair is consistently stylish, and feels appropriate in spaces that emulate trends from all decades between the late 1950s and today. One of Jacobsen’s most renowned works, the Swan Chair is ideal for lounges and waiting areas, but also works beautifully in contemporary homes.

Though bats are typically associated with dark, scary environments, the elegant and inviting Bat Lounge is anything but. The chair carries strong references to a bat’s physical shape, with a wide, distinctive shell reminiscent of the shape of a bat’s wingspan. Balancing between the traditional and eccentric, the chair is created with a Scandinavian approach to craft, simplicity, and functionalism while also carrying strong references to minimalist design. Available with a high and low back, and in a wide range of upholstery options and different bases, the Bat Lounge Chair fits perfectly into both public and private contexts. Legs available in walnut, oak, black lacquered oak, black powder-coated steel, black chrome, brass, and antique brass.