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In today’s busy world, design can help create a calming mood in our environments by incorporating pieces that provide a sense of relaxation. Intentional decisions around color, texture, material, and shape can allow a home to feel like a sanctuary, offering a reprive from our daily stressors. This week, we’re highlighting five meditative designs to introduce peace and tranquility into your space.
Teresa Lundmark and Gustav Winsth
The Dag daybed is a contemporary design lover’s dream come true. Dag presents a forward-thinking concept for a daybed, while also providing exceptional comfort. Featuring plush cushions and a low profile, the design is ideal for elevating a space. “It’s made for rest beyond the bedroom, a place of comfort in both private and social contexts,” explains Teresa Lundmark who, together with Gustav Winsth and Gärsnäs, designed the daybed.
Salem Van der Swaagh
From their production to their aesthetic, SVS Pillows are a genuinely original design, adding softness and texture to a space. Each piece is hand-woven, ensuring that none is exactly the same as another, creating entirely one-of-a-kind pieces. SVS Pillows are also eco-friendly; each pillow is made entirely using 100% salvaged material from industrial weaving which is then repurposed into highly textured, luxurious wool products.
Hans J. Wegner
Flag Halyard is a spacious and stunning chair, designed to incorporate all the necessary conditions for optimal lounging. The optional sheepskin throw adds warmth and luxury. Designed by the world-renowned Danish designer, Hans J. Wegner, the Flag Halyard is a timeless design, built to last and make an impression in any setting. Available in natural or black flax, with a leather or fabric upholstered neck cushion, secured by straps in brittle leather or jute.
Mikal Harrsen
Innovative vertical design for the contemporary home, Geometry focuses on the subtle interactions of matter and form, leading viewers to moments of quiet contemplation. As explained by the designer: “By refraining from writing or drawing on the paper, a kind of silence almost prevails. By avoiding these manipulations and instead turning the paper into shapes and compositions, something unexpected comes forth. It is as if the material begins to tell its own story.”
Yoma provides the visual and tactile serenity you’ve been looking for. Merging eco-conscious principles and elegant design, Yoma’s low frame and clean lines merge to complete an ideal bed for the modern bedroom. The design almost appears to be floating, encouraging you to sink into a space of rest and relaxation. Yoma is customizable and features innovative sideboards and an upholstered headboard.