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MANHATTAN MAG: Luteca Furniture

In this month’s issue of Manhattan magazine, the stylish publication highlights SUITE NY and our resident Mid-Century Mexican manufacturer, Luteca.

Founded in 2015, Mexico City-based manufacturer Luteca produces modernist furniture inspired by the traditions of Scandinavian craftsmanship and by the rich legacies of Mexico. Comprised of never-before-seen, mid-century designs by famed Mexican architect Pedro Ramirez Vázquez and contemporary works by Swedish-Mexican designer Alexander Andersson, of whom also acts at the Creative Director for the young company, Luteca brings a global appeal to the SUITE NY collection.

Highlighted are Andersson’s unique Atra Chair and Octanov Cabinet, both of which pair beautifully with Pedro Ramirez Vazquez’s sculptural steel coffee table, the Nanagona.

Shop SUITE NY for the full Luteca collection as well as other handcrafted designer furniture.