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They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression—so what kind of impression are guests receiving as they enter your home? The foyer, simply by being the first space encountered within a home, automatically makes a statement, and provides a preview of what’s to come in other rooms and spaces. It should come as no surprise, then, that putting care, consideration, and intentionality into designing the perfect foyer has a transformative effect on the entire home and all of those who enter it. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to elevate your foyer into something truly spectacular.
Michaël Verheyden
Known for combining innovation, craftsmanship, and quality to create clean-cut, purified designs, Michaël Verheyden’s MV Coupe is a perfect example of When Objects Work’s commitment to offering elevated, current, and unique accessories for both residential and commercial spaces. Though a relatively simple design at first glance, the MV Coupe in marble retains a classic, dignified sense of sophistication and style. Perfect for storing keys, wallets, decorative items, and other essentials as you come and go, the MV Coupe is the perfect addition to the modern entryway. Available in solid white carrara marble or solid portoro marble.
Time & Style
Timeless and striking, the Silent Drawer fluidly lends itself to different functions within different spaces. In the foyer, this beautiful design can act as a convenient console, elegant entryway table, or stylish storage solution. The console’s surface can be adorned with vases of flowers, decorative bowls, artwork or photos, a key dish or mail holder, or simply left bare—the possibilities are limitless. In tandem, the console’s nine drawers can be used to hold any number of items and keep clutter out of sight. Constructed with expert craftsmanship, a masterful understanding of natural materials, and an impeccable attention to detail, the Silent Drawer makes a statement while still meeting your every need. Frame in solid oak.
Space Copenhagen
Irresistibly contemporary yet perfectly minimalist, the Como table lamp is a design lovers’ dream, and allows your foyer to instantly communicate a heightened understanding of style. Simple and sophisticated, Como effortlessly exudes good taste without overcompensating. Crafted from anodized aluminium, Como’s sturdy base tapers up towards a softly curved, mushroom-shaped shade, and is perfect for establishing a soft, warm ambiance. Additionally, this battery-powered lamp can operate for eleven hours at the highest setting, and is easily recharged with a magnetic USB cable or a charging tray. Subtle and stylish, Como is as convenient as it is chic.
Piero Lissoni
Every foyer needs a mirror, if for no other reason than providing an opportunity to take a quick glance of approval before leaving the house. Celeste is a beautifully contemporary option, inventive and playful, capable of creating surreal effects due to the three magnifying portholes fixed on its flat surface. In the spirit of Glas Italia’s commitment to innovation and pushing the design envelope, each porthole has a different diameter and degree of magnification, allowing for varied perspectives and a surreal experience, all in one mirror. Celeste has a delicate, bevelled edge on its perimeter under the silvered surface, which elegantly refines and enhances the mirror’s appearance. Available in two sizes, circular or oblong, in extralight glass.
Hans J. Wegner
Hans J. Wegner’s Chinese Bench brings papercord and solid wood together in perfect harmony. Throughout Wegner’s career, this design is the only instance where the designer took a prototype from one design—his iconic wooden armchair, the Chinese Chair—and transformed it into something new, in this case, a bench. Thus, the Chinese Bench remains a unique and extraordinary accomplishment, and one that poses great challenges to even the most skilled craftsmen. Part of the bench’s genius can be found in its versatility, as the design fits seamlessly into settings of both traditional and contemporary tastes, allowing Wegner’s timeless ingenuity to be showcased perfectly as guests enter your home. Wood frame available in ash or black, with papercord seat available in natural or black.