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Humans have been enamoured with metallurgy since the Bronze Age. In much more recent history, metal has taken center stage in furniture design. Sleek and versatile, metal’s unique qualities provide designers with a range of avenues—whether used to add an industrial edge or futuristic essence, metal can elevate designs in ways that feel exciting, while also offering strength and durability. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the beauty and ingenuity of metal.
Hans J. Wegner
A combination of the highest quality stainless steel, silver soldering, solid wood and fine leather upholstery, the PP502 Swivel Chair presents an uncompromising addition to the office or boardroom. Rarely having worked in metal, the PP502 is a unique opportunity to see Wegner’s creativity come alive in stainless steel, which he sourced from only the best European mills. His meticulous attention to ergonomics is a testament to Wegner’s refusal to accept anything less than perfection, and the results speak for themselves.
Fabricius & Kastholm
The senuous lines of the FK87 Grasshopper Lounge exude style as only a classic can. Designed in 1965 by Fabricius & Kastholm, the latter of whom was a skilled blacksmith, Grasshopper is a representation of the duo’s focus on perfection, aesthetics, and minimization. The contrast between the sleek steel frame, luxurious upholstery, and leather-wrapped armrests create a striking visual cohesion and a sumptuous sit. Available with black, white, natural or maroon leather cushions.
The Epic table lives up to its name—the core concept behind this sculptural design was initially inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture, with the intention of making a lasting impression. Epic takes on a strong, pronounced identity, utilizing solid steel to adopt an industrial, contemporary look. The steel plates have been galvanized, lacquered, and then treated with a series of hand-finishing processes to create a unique surface expression for each table. Available in midnight black, misty grey, or earthy red.
Poul Kjærholm
The PK25™ was designed by Poul Kjærholm in 1951 for his final graduation project at the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen. The PK25™, also known as the “Element” Chair, is a fine example of Kjærholm’s eagerness to work with industrial materials. Kjærholm was determined to reduce the chair to a single piece of each material, resulting in the overarching hallmark of the chair: the continuous steel frame that is bent in a single piece without joints and connections.

Mats Theselius
Aluminium is as much an original work of art as it is a functional piece of furniture. The design presents a visual contrast between its plush upholstery, matte or polished aluminum frame, and wood armrests. Aluminium is an exceptionally striking statement piece, and an obvious conversation starter for contemporary spaces. Seat upholstered in Tarnsjo leather. Armrest available in natural, stained, or black walnut, or beech.