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At SUITE NY, we have a passion for designers and manufacturers that are willing to push the envelope and try something new, and we’re constantly searching for innovation—which is exactly why we fell in love with KÄLLEMO. KÄLLEMO’s collection features incredibly contemporary designs by an exciting array of European designers, and offers innovative furniture solutions for both the modern home and workspace environments. Many of their designs are unlike anything we’ve seen before, and we continue to be inspired by their willingness to experiment and their drive to create. This week, we’re featuring five designs to showcase KÄLLEMO’s incredible style and ingenuity, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them just as much as we do.
Pierre Sindre
Now on display at our Park Ave. Showroom, the Windsor is an incredibly unique easy chair. With its cage-like back and swivel base, Windsor’s silhouette is truly one of a kind. Perfect for lounge spaces both personal and professional, the easy chair’s individuality and swivel capability allow Windsor to contribute its style and functionality to a wide range of environments. In keeping with Pierre Sindre’s consistent ability to push the envelope in contemporary design, Windsor’s innovative vision is sure to spark an instant conversation while adding character and personality wherever the chair is placed. Available with low or high back and with an optional neck pillow, the potential for customization and personalization allows Windsor to suit itself to your specific needs and preferences.
David Ericsson
Award-winning Swedish designer David Ericsson is known for creating forward-thinking designs unlike any other, and the Safari chair fits perfectly into his innovative portfolio. Entirely unique, Safari is a wonderfully refreshing vision for an outdoor armchair, incorporating an elegant combination of both traditional and contemporary influences. Safari Outdoor is made entirely of steel to create a maintenance-free chair, capable of withstanding extended periods of outside use, as well as changing weather. Safari’s neutral color and visual lightness lend to unmatched versatility and easy pairing with other designs, offering seamless integration into your current outdoor setup. Optional zinc coating or powder varnish available.
Anna Kraitz
Björn is a beautiful chair that carries the ability to feel incredibly contemporary in virtually any space. Inspired by and named after designer Anna Kraitz’s son, Björn is a playful chair that features a unique and innovative shape. Exuding a quiet and effortless sense of style and chicness, the chair is comfortable to sit in and imitates the feeling of a warm embrace. Drawing from the designer’s exceptional knowledge of Scandinavian design, Björn includes many small details that lend to the chair’s overall aesthetics, but the defining feature is the zipper motif that adorns the back. Björn is an instant classic, comfortable and functional, and an ideal addition to the contemporary home.
Sofie Johansson and Lovisa Sandström
Designed by two young design students in their senior year at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, Ridå was created as part of an assignment where students were commissioned to present ideas for new products for various Swedish furniture and interior design companies. Kallemo was so intrigued by Ridå, that they decided to produce it for their collection. Describing the design’s intended use, the designers explain: “The concept is a piece efficient for storing clothes that also works as a room within the room, with its own distinct form, even when empty. The brief stated that the design should be timeless, not following any trends. It’s quite a substantial and heavy piece that will age with grace, but we think it makes a light and airy impression with its transparency.”
Mats Theselius
National Geographic is a wonderfully contemporary bookshelf and display case, with clear references to Scandinavian design sensibilities. Designed intentionally for storing issues of National Geographic Magazine, each section is built to store 25 years of magazines, but can also be used to store and display books for a beautiful home library, or other treasures and trinkets. Stylish, minimalist, and symmetrical, National Geographic is the perfect way to add a tasteful pop of color while showcasing your literary favorites. Available in two color stains, yellow with natural beech base, or green with base in solid oiled oak.