When designing a space, it’s the details and accessories that truly create meaningful environments. Whether you’re creating a home, workspace, or commercial setting, the smaller additions will set the tone for a space that feels humanized, personal, and intentional. Accessories also create opportunities for personalization; details added to the kitchen vary greatly from details incorporated into the bedroom, allowing each room to develop an identity of its own. This week, we’re highlighting five exceptional accessories to help tie your space together and add the finishing touches to any room that needs a little bit of extra character.
Kate Hume
Modeled after Kate Hume’s timeless glass designs, Caillou and Pebbles, Rock presents a similar concept in a larger form. The Rock vase retains many of the designer’s signature elements, such as bold shapes, jewel-tone colors, and masterful glass artistry. The design is quite simple at first glance but when placed thoughtfully, Rock is capable of not only elevating your space, but creating a fantastic new environment entirely. The larger size allows the design to step into a truly striking presence while dramatically emphasizing the textures and qualities of mouth-blown glass. Available in cognac, dark grey green, and aubergine.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Continuing his exploration into working with bronze, Mangiarotti designed the CAP53 collection in 1959. SUITE NY proudly holds #1 and #2 in this elegant limited series of 100 bronze vase sets, crafted through the laborious but worthwhile process of lost-wax casting. Casting and polishing enhance the color, brilliance, and texture of the material, drawing out and showcasing all of the unique and impressive qualities of bronze. The design of the vases is built on the principle that two circles of different diameter, moving along the vertical axes, can create a great number of different objects. CAP53 is available in three versions, each of them available in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies.
Gio Ponti
Regal and elegant, the Randaccio wall mirror is one of Italian designer Gio Ponti’s signature works, and has carried his legacy from decade to decade. Originally designed for his own home on Via Randaccio in Milan, Ponti’s very first architectural project, Randaccio mirrors decorated the walls of his bedroom on the third floor together alongside other furniture designed specifically for the apartment. Offered in three sizes with sleek brass edging, the collection is characterized by its atypical crown-like detailing on the top; a detail used by Ponti in several of his works within art and design, and one that adds personality and a defining characteristic to this exceptional design.
Vincent Van Duysen
Effortlessly chic, the VVD Pottery Collection in stunning black lacquer is an absolute must-have for the contemporary kitchen. Both the solid oak lid and smooth ceramic base showcase the captivating property of an all-black design, whose neutral color allows the collection to blend elegantly into a wide range of modern spaces. Whether used for serving, decoration, or to store everyday kitchen items, the VVD Pottery is an ideal accessory for today’s home, or even an office kitchen, and reminds us that even the most simple tasks can feel better when integrated with beautiful, thoughtful design. Available in three sizes.
Salem Van Der Swaagh
From their production to their aesthetic, the SVS Rugs are a genuinely original design, capable of fully transforming a space. Elegant and innovative, each rug is hand-woven, ensuring that none is exactly the same as another, creating entirely one-of-a-kind pieces. The combination of textures, pearl color, and fringed edges work together to harmoniously define a rug that feels both timeless and contemporary, and looks sophisticated and stylish in spaces of any style and size. The SVS Rugs are also eco-friendly; each rug is designed and hand-woven in Berlin using 100% salvaged material from industrial weaving which is then repurposed into highly textured, luxurious wool products.