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Historically, fireplaces were used for practical purposes such as heating, cooking or boiling water for washing. Today, the fireplace is more likely than not used for its inimitable ambiance.

The design of fireplaces has changed along with the utility, from a design of necessity to one of visual interest. Early ones were more fire pits than fireplaces and often simply holes in the ground.  Fire pits led to the hearths found in medieval great halls and soon, the development of louvers and smoke canopies in the Middle Ages, permitted greater ventilation and the ability to place fireplaces against stone walls, thus allowing smaller rooms to be heated.  By the 1800s, the traditional fireplace with surround (mantle) and iron and tile insert (where the fire burned) was the norm. By the Victorian Era, the fireplace was not only a source of heat, but also a thoughtful and decorative way to add a cozy ambiance to the home.

One thing that has not changed is the unifying power a fireplace has to gather people together.

chinotto chair, chinotto, azucena, luigi caccia dominioni





Luigi Caccia Dominioni designed the “out-of-scale” Chinotto chair to be an indispensible counterpoint to more common, larger furnishings. The low seat and slight scale were born to be placed fireside sothat the whole body can be warmed (as opposed to just your feet), but Chinotto is at home anywhere. In fact, Busta Studio, Inc. chose purple versions to complement the funky lobby for the W Hotel in South Beach.



firedog fireirons, modern fireplace accessories, modern andirons, jean michel wimotte, when objects work





A wide range of accessories are used with fireplaces and vary tremendously between countries, regions and historical periods. Andirons, or firedogs, were used by the Ancient Greeks dating as far back as the 17th century BCE. Firedogs were also referred to as moon idols (or moon horns) in antiquity. As a fireplace lover, Jean Michel Wilmotte was very disappointed that he could not find fire irons in a contemporary design to suit his aesthetic. The solution was found in pure and functional design of the saw tooth, which inspired him to create the chic and effective Firedog Fire Irons.


my, my lounge, my lounge chair, my beanbag chair, woodnotes, woodnotes finland, ecofriendly design, green design, modern beanbag, beanbag lounge, ulla koskinen






What better seat for relaxing by the fire than a modern update on the beanbag chair? My is like a hug according to designer Ulla Koskinen. Soft but sturdy, My is designed for casual, relaxed seating. The cover is completely removable and changeable made with Woodnotes’ Sand paperyarn cotton fabric. The material is dust-resistant, antistatic, hypoallergenic and treated with soil-repellent making it perfect should Fido decide to snuggle on a cold winter day. The filling of these practical chairs is a mixture of materials that is guaranteed to stay in shape.




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The Solar light creates a poetic and relaxing glow indoors or out. Not just a lamp, Solar was designed to be a new type of object, a contemporary hearth around which to gather and chat. The flat resting surface is flush with the outer edge making the light into a makeshift side table. Solar can be adjusted in different positions to provide different types of lighting as the angling determines the quantity of light diffused, allowing multiple effects and atmospheres to be created.

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