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Very few countries carry a design legacy and influence like Italy. Home to countless iconic designers, both historic and contemporary, Italian design has had an immeasurable influence on the global design community for centuries. It should come as no surprise that we simply can’t get enough of our favorite Italian brands and designers, whose work exhibits an appreciation for style and distinctive aesthetic sensibility that is entirely unique to this incredible country and its rich, vibrant culture. This week, we’re highlighting five exciting designs that showcase the timeless elegance and extraordinary innovation of Italian design.
Giopato & Coombes
Recently, Travertine has been taking the design world by storm, and in the Soffio Table Lamp, this stunning material adds a refreshingly current feeling to an already stylish lamp. The design concept was inspired by the lightness of soap bubbles, which contributes to the design’s refreshing approach to minimalism, and is available in two different heights to best fit your space and preferences. Using the “a lume” technique from the Veneto region in Italy, Soffio houses a proprietary brass LED source within transparent or frosted glass sphere that illuminates the room as well as reflects light off the curved interior of the sphere. The travertine base contrasts gorgeously against the lamp’s brass hardware and sleek glass shade, offering a unique dialogue between different textures, colors, and elements.
Patricia Urquiola
In Bisel, as with all of Urquiola’s designs for Glas Italia, the intersection between color and material is explored through tinted, colored glass. Urquiola’s exceptional understanding of the infinite potential of colored glass once again can be found in every detail of Bisel’s design; the tabletop, the base, the edges, and the way light appears as it passes through the table—it’s simply exquisite. With its jewel-like appearance, Bisel is the conversation piece you’ve been waiting for, a modern work of art available in two colors and a variety of shapes and sizes.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Iconic Italian designer Angelo Mangiarotti received worldwide acclaim, throughout his lifetime and after, for his incredible work with marble. The M Table represents his first foray into working with this material. The M table is a fluid, commanding table with endless potential to transform your space, with a gorgeous silhouette and strong presence that establish the design as an instant statement piece. Though not a dining table in the traditional sense, the M Table can be catered to meet your every need—an elegant dinner, your morning coffee, a glass of wine, or even working collaboratively on a project. Available in white Carrara marble, grey Carnic marble, green Alpi marble, Emperador Dark marble, or black Marquina marble.
Patricia Urquiola
This stunning glass table by beloved designer, Patricia Urquiola, brings the warm, rich feeling of a sunset into any space it occupies. In keeping with Urquiola’s innovative portfolio, L.A. Sunset is a study in the relationship between color and light, defined by beautiful tones and subtle shifts in color. The top, in laminated glass with opaline finish, is a palette of colors blending and mixing with one another like vapor or fluids, disguising the solid state of the material. This dynamic table comes to life as light moves through the room, creating an ambiance and environment unlike any other. Available in midnight blue or pearly copper.
Piero Lissoni
The Magic Box storage cabinets are the intersection of Italian style, delicacy, and supreme functionality, manufactured by none other than Italian design powerhouse, Glas Italia. These glass compartments are available in a rainbow of colors with mirrored insides and clear glass shelves, which all add an air of preciousness to the overall design. Made in sturdy 10mm thick tempered glass, they can hold a great number of objects. The mirrored back and base of the interior give the illusion that the storage space is twice as deep, allowing the design to feel incredibly spacious without actually taking up physical space. Available in eight sizes, with glass finish available in 18 color options, in glossy or opaque lacquered glass.