June 21, 2019

Here we are again–Summertime. A season that, no matter your age, brings back nostalgic feelings of freedom, relaxation, and excitement. One can’t help but feel the urge of adventure and anticipation brought on by the long days and warm nights of the months to come. So why not allow these feelings to translate into your home? Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, or something in between, this week we’re highlighting the must-have items to transform your space into the perfect Summer sanctuary.
Tore Ahlsén, 1940
Ahlsén’s career was defined by an ongoing, collaborative partnership with his brother; this familial design duo being responsible for creating many iconic buildings throughout Sweden. Designed in 1940, Ahlsén’s own creative genius gifted us with the Pia collection, starting with the curvaceous and delicate Pia Chair—a design that almost feels reminiscent of the Victorian era. With its elegant, slim structure and quaint white frame, the Pia fits beautifully into any garden setting, patio, or outdoor restaurant. Both foldable and stackable, this design allows for easy storage and mobility.
Angelo Mangiarotti, 1978
Available in extraforte stone for outdoor use, the Incas table provides the opportunity to bring the exquisite vision of iconic Italian designer, Angelo Mangiarotti, out of the dining room and onto the terrace. Incas is an angular, geometric table with an incredibly strong visual presence that is often a rarity in outdoor design. The juxtaposition of the rectangular tabletop with the truncated, pyramid-shaped base creates an elegant and unexpected silhouette, making it an ideal piece to enrich your outdoor space. Available in six sizes, as a console, occasional table, coffee table, or dining table.
Woodnotes Design Team, 2019
Look no further: Woodnotes’ Outdoor Carpet Collection is here to provide an elegant and contemporary solution to your outdoor carpet woes. While outdoor carpets often require you to choose either style or quality, this collection by Woodnotes allows you to have both. Available in a wide range of stylish, neutrally-colored patterns—River, Pond, Lake, and Rain—each one exhibits chic, modern minimalism and comes in a variety of colorways. Intended especially for outdoor use, such as on a terrace, balcony, or pool area, the Outdoor Carpet Collection is sea and swimming pool water-resistant, exceptionally soft, abrasion-resistant, and designed to facilitate the quick transpiration of moisture, while also remaining undamaged by extended exposure to sunlight. Woodnotes has successfully created modern, outdoor carpets that will endure the test of time, both aesthetically and functionally.
Torben Skov, 2018
Torben Skov’s bench was designed to come together without screws—two clamps holding up a plank. As is often the case with Danish design, simplicity doesn’t sacrifice style. Built to perfectly and evenly hold its own weight, the steel and wood combine to create a beautiful, graphic juxtaposition of texture and materials. The Bench is incredibly versatile and works as a seat, sofa-side table, window seat, shelf, or as its namesake. Skov’s Bench finds itself fitting perfectly inside, in a home or gallery space, or outside, in the garden or on a terrace. Outdoor version made in purpleheart wood.
Angelo Mangiarotti, 1990
Blurring the lines between furniture and artwork, the modern and sculpturesque Clizia is a marble seat that holds the potential to entirely transform your outdoor space. Offering a reprise from the Summer heat, Clizia’s cool marble will entice visitors to sit down and relax while marveling at the sheer style that this piece brings to your garden. Like Incas, Clizia was designed by Italian mastermind, Angelo Mangiarotti, and is available in white Carra marble, grey Carnic marble, or black Marquina marble.
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