SUITE NY is excited to introduce Stackabl, a sustainable solution that converts textile and manufacturing waste into bespoke, acoustic lighting. By harnessing the power of technology, Stackabl gives waste a second life as sustainable and customizable lighting pieces. This week, say goodbye to landfills, and hello to one-of-a-kind pieces as we explore how this innovative company is “Turning Waste Into Wonder.”
Made from a combination of acoustic board (recycled PET water bottle plastic) + 100% Merino felt remnants, Stackabl is beautiful, dimmable LED lighting with the added benefit of sound absorption. Canopy made from recycled aluminum.
Stackabl is an innovative system for designing custom lighting without the waste. Developed closely with regional manufacturers, aided by algorithms and robotics, the system identifies and secures premium industrial waste from top-tier U.S. manufacturers to create personalized pendants.
All materials used in Stackabl’s designs are sourced within a 150 mile radius of their studio in Toronto, Ontario. With the goal of diverting 500 tonnes of textile waste from the landfill by 2029, the company harnesses the power of cutting-edge, patent-pending design, processing, and production technologies.
Thanks to its patent-pending technology, Stackabl’s lighting is easily customizable. Choose your fixture type, size, composition of upcycled materials, LED disc placement, and your colors. A simple configurator seamlessly integrates the designer into the process. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to turn high quality remnants into custom lighting according to your choices, from colors and patterns to sizes and finishes with real-time visualizations in 2D and 3D.
Stackabl lighting can be configured vertically or horizontally, in an almost endless combination of sizes and colors. Having captured the attention of the industry, Stackabl is the recipient of the Interior Design Magazine 2023 Best Of Year (BOY) award in the Acoustic Lighting category, as well as the Swiss 2023 LIT Lighting Design award in the pendant category. Visit the SUITE NY showroom to interact with these award winning designs in person.
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