October 18, 2017

Hans J. Wegner’s designs have been included in our collection since SUITE NY’s inception. Today, we are happy to announce that PP Møbler, a family owned Danish joinery workshop established in 1953, is officially available through our showroom. PP Møbler has a strong tradition for producing high quality furniture and is known for manufacturing some of Hans J. Wegner’s most iconic designs including the Flag Halyard (shown above), the Web Chair, the Valet Chair and many more. Our showroom samples of these hand crafted designs are
are on the floor and ready for you to see in person!
Hans J. Wegner, 1951
Be embraced by the great bear paws of this timeless, supremely comfortable easy chair. The solid wooden frame is strongly joint and shaped to form a solid base for the comprehensive traditional upholstery work, which defines the chair’s modern and elegant silhouette. Consider it an investment for life, as gifted Danish craftsmen spend at least two weeks hand-crafting each chair to the highest standards.
PP502 Swivel Chair
Hans J. Wegner, 1952
The Swivel Chair offers uncompromising comfort through its commitment to ergonomics, which influenced every aspect of its design. The chair was Wegner’s solution to a doctor’s critique which claimed that Danish design did not paying enough attention to ergonomics, thus allowing furniture to be designed that was not optimal in the way it interacted with the human body. The wood used in PP502 has been cut from newly felled trees, which must be at least 150 years old in order to be the right size. It is then left to dry for up to 2 years, in a highly controlled environment until the humidity is down to no more than six percent. While this meticulousness may seem unnecessary on the surface, it is a testament to PP Møbler’s refusal to accept anything less than perfection.
Hans J. Wegner, 1986
The idea of making a chair based on the most simple and elegant shape of them all, the circle, remained a distant dream until Hans J. Wegner eventually completed this design at the age of 72. The project spanned his entire career and became one of his most visionary projects, posing great challenges for PP Møbler’s workshop as its construction would push the limits of the possible. Consequently the Circle Chair turned out to be one of Wegner’s most characteristic designs, and it still offers great comfort and flexibility. Surprisingly versatile, the chair is light, practical and easy to move around.
Hans J. Wegner, 1949
The PP501 is an iconic chair, built to highlight and exemplify Danish design principles. Not only did it play a huge role in defining Hans J. Wegner’s illustrious career, but it established itself as the cornerstone of Danish chair construction in the future, and is consistently used by designers as a reference point. In its own modest and simple way, the PP501 sums up the very essence of traditional Danish woodworking and design philosophy. Additionally, the chair claimed a historical significance when it was used in John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon’s first televised debate, transcending its European roots and embedding itself permanently in American culture.
Hans J. Wegner, 1982
The PP75 Dining Table is nothing short of a constructional masterpiece. Wanting to maximize the knee and legroom of those sitting at the table, designer Hans J. Wegner joined the table legs in the center of the round table top, which appears to balance effortlessly. The table offers the possibility of extension by separating the two halves of the round table top, allowing the table to fit seamlessly into a variety of spaces. The PP75 combines practicality with the most refined sense of aesthetics.
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