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Kelly Behun’s Neo Laminati collection found heavy inspiration in the Memphis Group founded by the late-great Ettore Sottsass in 1981. Pop colors, geometrically confused shapes and modern materials were utilized to generate rather un-functional pieces that aggressively alluded to both design history and the future of design. Simultaneously lauded and loathed, the Memphis group was nothing short of sensational. Kelly Behun and Alex P. White, artist and studio partner since 2008, have embraced the colors, materials and mystique of Memphis to create a limited collection of functional pieces including a bench, chair, two tables and a trio of addictively-dizzying Lazy Susans.



Neo Laminati, kelly behun, kelly behun furniture, modern funiture, modern laminate furniture, black and white furniture



The Neo Laminati Table No. 77, at left, is a two-tier cocktail table straight out of STUDIO 54 in graphic black and white.  Each piece is realized in wood and laminate, a material the Memphis group used masterfully. “Not your grandmother’s laminate” kelly behun | STUDIO hopes to educate the American market about the true art of laminate and follow the Italian notion that, when done right, laminate is positively luxurious. In fact, the solid colored laminate pieces in the collection are made in Italy by Abet Laminati, the world’s leading manufacturer of decorative laminate. Founded in 1950, it is the same studio that created work for the Memphis group.





Neo Laminati, kelly behun, kelly behun furniture, modern funiture, modern laminate furniture, black and white furniture



For the three custom stripe laminates, kelly behun | STUDIO uses a laminate factory in the US. The entire collection is then assembled by hand in Brooklyn, NY.Counterintuitive, the edges of each of Kelly’s pieces reveal a small black line that is a sign of expert laminating. Every piece in the Neo Laminati line can be customized with a variety of laminate colors and unique pieces are also possible and will be realized by the Studio upon order.  The pieces in the collection are all numbered, Neo Laminati #34, #77, and so on… these numbers are based on years with significance to the Kelly. Chair No. #34 is an homage to Gerrit Rietveld’s iconic Zig Zag chair designed in 1934.





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In stock and ready to ship, Kelly’s psychedelic Lazy Suzis have the SUITE NY showroom in a tizzy. What better way to procrastinate than by styling and then spinning these fantastic accessories on every surface in the showroom. Ours have already served Halloween candies, business cards, objects and more to charmed clients since they arrived last week.  At just $525, we already have lengthy lists of lucky holiday gift receivers in mind.  Curious to see Kelly’s Lazy Suzi in action? Simply click here: LAZY SUZI 66

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