June 14, 2019

Following a novel philosophy, Swedish manufacturer Källemo is focused on creating pieces that withstand the wear of they eye in addition to their functional use—quality as measured by the eye of the viewer. Based in Värnamo, Källemo is committed to creating pieces that transcend fleeting trends, featuring timeless designs that highlight the absolute best that European architects, designers, and artists have to offer. The collection includes a broad range of chairs, tables, sofas, and more, many of which are poised to become instant statement pieces. We are thrilled to announce this exciting partnership with a brand that shares our dedication to high quality, innovative, and forward-thinking design. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that exemplify Källemo’s commitment to true design ingenuity. Samples arriving at our Park Avenue Showroom in mid-July—we promise you won’t be disappointed.
Mats Theselius
A native of Stockholm, designer Mats Theselius has spent the last four decades building an expansive portfolio of unique designs, all of which function as individual works of art in addition to functional pieces of furniture. Ingo is an elegant and luxurious easy chair which draws elements from both traditional and contemporary design. With its rounded arms and back, sleek frame, and a deep, inviting seat, Ingo beckons you to sit in style for as long as you'd like.
Originally designed for the restaurant at the newly renovated National Museum, Stockholm, it’s not hard to guess where Al Dente got its name. The design’s visual inspiration comes from the shape and form of a noodle, perfect for adding a touch of playfulness. In a world of low-carb diets and juice cleanses, Al Dente provides the nourishing design innovation that you’ve been craving, and is available in three different shapes and four appropriately named colors—wheat, tomato, spinach, and sepia.
Jonas Bohlin, 1982
One of Sweden's most admired designers, Jonas Bohlin began his career as an industrial engineer, having created countless design classics all in the spirit of the classic Scandinavian tradition. Concrete is an eye-catching, minimalistic, and geometric armchair. Originally manufactured using actual concrete, this piece incorporates graphic, sharp angles and unique shapes to create a silhouette unlike any other. Concrete has the potential to truly transform a space, whether it’s a dining room, gallery, or atrium. The modern version of this iconic design is crafted with a stainless steel frame and an ash seat and back.
Mats Theselius
One of the most inspiring things about Källemo’s collection is that no matter how well-versed you may be in design, Källemo still manages to surprise even the most discerning of design enthusiasts. Star is a regal and luxurious armchair, with subtle references to traditional european, mid-century modern, and industrial design. With its high, rounded arms, curved back, and decorative steel-plated edges, Star is an eye-catching, knockout addition to complete your space. 
Café is a prime example of what sets Källemo apart—innovative, original design concepts that stand out beyond temporary trends. Also commissioned for the National Museum, Stockholm, Café is an entirely unique concept for a coffee table, defined by its geometric appearance and contrasting shapes. Café features a strong, concrete base, of which the shape, color, and material immediately evoke a rustic, industrial feeling; coupled with a height adjustable top which has been integrated into the actual design of the piece.
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