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The new year has inspired new partnerships between SUITE NY and innovative designers and manufacturers from across the globe, and we’re tremendously excited to share the latest brand to join our collection: Entrelacs. Each Entrelacs light is entirely made in the family-run Macheret foundry, based in the French Loire Valley. Since 1982, this French lighting powerhouse has been showcasing the stunning qualities of bronze hardware and alabaster design. With these two materials as the visual and structural cornerstones of their collection, Entrelacs uses simple shapes and subtle details to create stunning, timeless, and refreshing pieces.
Narcisse juxtaposes contrasting colors, textures, shapes, and materials to create a stunningly elegant and wonderfully innovative table lamp, which looks unlike anything we’ve seen before. The lamp has a unique shape and silhouette, and the circular shade almost appears as a small, glowing sun adorning a surface in your home. Narcisse is versatile enough to shine in both mid-century and contemporary spaces, and was designed intentionally to highlight the brilliant qualities of each material, as well as the craftsmanship required to put them together.
Ghost is a simple, elegant, and sophisticated wall lamp, designed to showcase the beautiful, natural qualities of alabaster, whose veins and texture seem to speak in a language of their own. Ghost’s slim shape and approachable design make the light an ideal fit for both residential and commercial environments, as it can be placed as a standalone piece or used repetitiously to establish an elegant motif throughout a space. Additionally, Ghost’s sophisticated, elongated appearance make it an ideal lighting choice for elevating any contemporary setting.
Featuring clean lines and sleek brass accents, Toast is a testament to the elegance of the art deco era with an inspiring, contemporary elegance—and while the design has a small physical footprint, it carries an impactful, distinguished presence. Toast’s transcendent essence allows the light to feel equally appropriate in classic and contemporary settings, and the layered brass accents add a sense of depth and dimension while providing unmatched sleekness. Toast is particularly well-suited for adding warmth and style to contract settings such as restaurants, hotels, and lounges.
An ideal merging of a mirror and a light, the Hublot Mirror is a beautiful and effortless design, in which a ring of solid bronze encircles the alabaster shade, which then encircles a glass mirror. Perfectly circular and symmetrical, the design’s warm ambiance glows enticingly against the wall, wherever it is placed. Hublot Mirror’s ingenuity can be found not only in its visual appearance, but also in its versatility—the design finds itself blending seamlessly into kitchens, baths, living rooms and lounges, entryways, or bedrooms, in addition to public spaces such as hotels and boutiques.
A suspension lamp reduced to the bare necessities, Edru is an exercise in combining beauty and minimalism. Undeniably contemporary, Edru’s clean lines and visual lightness establish a design that feels current and intentional, showcasing Entrelacs’ commitment to functionality and convenience, in addition to visual appeal. Practical and stylish but not overstated, Edru is ideal for environments of a wide range of tastes and functions. Base and frame in bronze, diffuser shade in alabaster.