This week we pay homage to the material that we have relied on since the early beginnings of mankind; wood. From walnut to oak, ash to teak, wood is as timeless a material as it is a steadfast one. Therefore it is no surprise that artisans and designers from around the globe have created their masterpieces in its various forms. Now, more than ever, we are witnessing a revival of woodworking. Classic designs from dedicated craftsman, such a Hans J. Wegner and Mel Smilow, are being reimagined in their original materiality, while contemporary brands like BassamFellows and Luteca, are reinventing its abilities via the use of modern techniques, giving new life to this ancient material.

Stacking tables judy smilow mel smilow american furniture midcentury design wooden furniture nesting tables

1 slatted stacking tables mel smilow suite ny2 atra lounge chair luteca suite ny alexander anderssonch26 hans j wegner carl hansen and son suite nymel smilow judy smilow woven rush daybed suite nystripe 8 eight table suite ny bassamfellows criag bassam scott fellows

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