With the final weeks of summer fast approaching, we wanted to shine a spotlight on our favorite designs from Bodil Kjær’s Indoor-Outdoor Series. Inspired by the harmony between design and architecture, Kjær’s pieces carry with them a clear identity. Emphasizing the function in each design, the indoor-outdoor series caters to people’s real needs by providing durable and beautiful furnishings capable of adapting to different spaces. This week we bring you five versatile designs to help you fully enjoy your time out in the open, while also serving as year-round showpieces.
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Bodil Kjær, 1959
This dining chair combines aesthetics, ergonomics, and comfort. The BK10 is simple and refined. Characterized by its high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, this solid teak chair is a must-have for any patio or terrace. Optional cushion available. 
Bodil Kjær, 1959
Like the rest of the indoor-outdoor series, Kjær’s BK12 is the perfect piece to enjoy a warm summer day or a cool fall evening. Steeped in minimalism, this teak lounge piece works indoors just as well as outdoors. Both timeless and durable, the lounge sofa proves a valuable addition to any home. Optional cushion available.
Bodil Kjær, 1959
The BK15 serves as a highly adaptive piece, making it one of the most versatile designs in the collection. Ideal for an outdoor lunch on a warm summer day, this table can double as an indoor dining table come fall and winter. Pair it beautifully with its intended mate, the BK10, to complete Kjær’s dining vision.
Bodil Kjær, 1959
Read a book, take in the sun, and enjoy a cool drink of lemonade on the BK14 Sunbed. Designed to provide the utmost comfort, the back of this piece adjusts for an active or passive position. Ideal whether you’re sun bathing or engaging in conversation, the BK14 can also double as a bench when the back is set to the lowest height. Optional cushion available.
Bodil Kjær, 1959
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