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Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone or enjoying a relaxing night solo, adding a little romance to the environments we live in is almost always a good idea. Whether it’s ambient lighting, comfortable seating, or elegant accessories, creating spaces that feel intimate and luxurious is an essential part of making our homes feel special. This week, we’re highlighting five items that will allow you to bring a sense of romance into your space, to enjoy not only on Valentine’s Day, but all year long.
Joe Colombo
An elegant Valentine’s Day dinner wouldn’t be complete without the perfect drink glasses, candles holders, or flower vases—and the Clessidra Glass Collection presents incredibly stylish options for all. Clessidra is a range of glass objects based on geometrical figures, which have traditional appeal while still retaining a defined sense of style and modernity. Keeping in practice with Joe Colombo’s commitment to functionality and flexibility, the collection is intended for a wide range of different uses, while offering a range of glassware that feels considerably more stylish and sophisticated than your average vases, glasses or candleholders.
Giopato & Coombes
Looking to set the mood with some warm, ambient lighting? Look no further than the stunningly elegant Dewdrops suspension light by iconic Italian design duo, Giopato & Coombes. Inspired by the dewdrops on blades of grass, glistening as they reflected the subtle light of the moon, Dewdrops simply embody the essence of romance.  In keeping with Giopato & Coombe’s portfolio of unique and forward-thinking lighting designs, Dewdrops’ structure and silhouette are exceptionally innovative. Defined by a sophisticated visual lightness, this balancing mobile lighting structure emits a soft light and is available in two configurations.
Dan Svarth
Valentine’s Day amidst a pandemic means more of us will be spending a romantic night in as opposed to out on the town, and the Dan Svarth Sofa will ensure that you and your special someone can lounge in unmatched style and extraordinary comfort. Regardless of how well-versed one may be in design, there are moments when a new piece simply takes your breath away. Dan Svarth’s Sofa is one of those designs. Another design gem from A. Petersen, The Svarth Sofa, with its high, rounded back, and surprisingly angled profile creates a uniquely modern silhouette while also contributing to a cozy, cocoon-like atmosphere within the sofa itself. Upholstered in natural leather and legs in mahogany.
Nana Groner
As the evening winds down, you’re sure to find luxurious relaxation in Zeitraum’s In Heaven bed. This stunningly chic, solid wood bed allows you to rest in maximum comfort, and whether you’re resting up for a busy morning or planning on calling out of work the next day, In Heaven ensures that you get exceptional sleep in extraordinary comfort. In Heaven features a unique frame, creating a geometric and minimalist box that truly defines a space within a space, encouraging you to drift peacefully into your own perfect world. Optional upholstered headboard available in a wide range of graded-in fabrics, leathers, or approved COM.
Jaime Hayon
Ikebana is the Japanese art of making flower arrangements, and Jaime Hayon’s vase will allow you to do just that. Ideal for creating beautiful, eye-catching centerpieces, Ikebana is composed of a free-standing brass structure that holds flowers in place within a hand-blown glass vase. Ikebana was designed intentionally to encourage appreciation for the entire flower, including the stem, and allows floral arrangements to assume a vital place in your home. Whether you’re looking to showcase more traditional flowers like roses, or adorn your valentine’s day table spread with something a little more unique, Ikebana will ensure your floral arrangements are showcased in impeccable style.