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Throughout the last several years, companies have adjusted their structures and allowed more employees to work from home. Subsequently, many people have shifted focus to develop comfortable, beautiful, and functional home offices. We’re thrilled to offer an extensive range of designs within our collection to improve productivity and comfort. This week, we’re showcasing five elegant designs to elevate and improve your home workspace.
Paolo Rizzatto
Plettro is a solution-oriented design, offering storage space within the tabletop to set away objects neatly and conveniently when they’re not in use—computers, books, notebooks, writing utensils…the possibilities are endless. Versatile, approachable, and sophisticated, Plettro’s contemporary silhouette and curved edges feel excitingly chic, defining a design that will endure use for decades to come. The finishes are available in a variety of natural, lacquered, or color-stained woods.
Färg & Blanche
Looking for the office chair of your dreams? Allow us to introduce you to Mr. N. This chair incorporates comfort through its plush inner upholstery, allowing you to sit for extended periods of time. The visible wood and pronounced stitching give the chair a warmer and more personal feel with a progressive design. Its swivel base offers convenience and mobility. Mr. N is available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics, with stitching available in black, orange, green, brown, dark grey, light grey, or off-white, Mr. N can be customized to fit into your home office.
Joe Colombo
Joe Colombo’s portfolio is defined by experimentation with new materials and technologies, to create futuristic “machines for living,” and this ethos has imbued his work for decades. Timeless and elegant, the Domo Table Lamp was designed in 1965, and its mid-century charm remains tasteful, even in more contemporary spaces. Available in lacquered brass or black-painted steel, Domo is ideal for illuminating desks or work tables—the perfect finishing touch to add character and style to your personal workspace.
Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows
The Soft Box Collection exhibits the stunning natural qualities of solid wood as only BassamFellows’ designs can. The collection is composed of a series of carved desk accessories, which are designed as a modular system to support functionality. Gently turned edges enhance the high-touch nature of each piece, which are all carved from a solid wood block. Whether used individually or as part of a system, these simple storage containers blend mid-century and contemporary qualities to add an accent of luxury to any interior.
Anna Kraitz
You may no longer be commuting, but a place to hang your coat is still essential— especially for quick access to a jacket or blazer right before hopping into that next Zoom meeting. Babe is a contemporary and elegant coat hanger, adding charm and character to any space. Inspiring and whimsical, Babe’s design elements are unexpected and innovative. Babe is available in a lacquered or coppered steel frame, and in a wide range of colors. The leather belt accents are available in natural, black, or brown