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In so many ways, dining tables are a focal point within our lives. Functionally, they’re where we gather with friends and family, enjoy delicious meals, and even sometimes serve as a temporary workspace. But they’re also more than that; they’re a space of warmth, togetherness, and comfort. A place where we can pause and indulge, nourishing ourselves not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as well. During the holiday season, the dining table becomes even more significant, and provides a venue where some of our cherished memories take place. This week, we’re highlighting five dining tables to elevate your holiday gatherings, large or small, into something truly spectacular.
The holiday season may often be indulgent, but that doesn’t mean we have to be wasteful. Enter Zeitraum’s beautiful—yet sustainable—Turntable. A perfect culmination of Zeitraum’s manufacturing ethos, expert craftsmanship, high quality materials, and commitment to contemporary design, Turntable is a magnificent dining piece. Manufactured with eco-consciousness in mind, this traditionally-turned solid wood dining table is available in several sizes and a wide range of colors to facilitate a flawless and entertaining holiday meal. Expertly handcrafted, meticulously smoothed, and finished with the finest natural oils, Turntable exudes an unmistakable sense of quality and natural style.
A table with a name like “Epic” must have quite a profound presence to be worthy of such an adjective; and this table certainly is. In steel, this design takes on an even stronger, more pronounced identity, while adopting an industrial, contemporary edge. This sculptural piece of furniture was inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture, with the intention of making a lasting impression. The steel plates have been galvanized, lacquered, and then treated with a series of hand-finishing processes to create a unique surface expression for each table. Available in midnight black, misty grey, or earthy red.
Dan Svarth
Leonardo da Vinci was once quoted saying, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”—and the DS Table proves that he was absolutely right. Simple and minimalist, yet wonderfully distinguished, the goal behind the design was to create a table spacious enough to seat a large family, but long enough that smaller families can use one end of the table for a shared meal and the other end for work, fully acknowledging the multitude of functions that a dining table serves. Dan Svarth also wanted his design to be narrow enough that people can sit close to each other, can reach everything, and can easily move around the table in the room. Perfect for virtually any space, the DS Table is available in oiled Oregon pine or oiled Mahogany.
Time & Style
Tactile, fluid, and graceful, the Moon Dining Table has a sleek structure with a top that is perfectly sanded by hand, revealing the dynamic, unique nature of the wood. The beveled edge gently slopes towards the base, lending a sense of softness and establishing the table’s delicate identity. Additionally, it is available in rectangular, square and round versions of different sizes, and with bleached and charcoal gray finishes, allowing you to choose the perfect iteration of the table for your unique dining space. Combining functionality, texture and emotion, Moon is the perfect addition for the contemporary home, marrying Japanese and European design elements with tact and elegance.
Hvidt & Mølgaard
Drop Leaf was initially designed in 1956, and as the name suggests, this beautiful table is built in the drop-leaf style, with a hinged section on each side that folds down from the fixed center. In addition to offering visual elegance, the drop-leaf style of the design is incredibly convenient and allows you to save space as needed, while offering a design that can be used as both a console table or a dining table—perfect for meeting one need during the holidays, and another once the guests are gone. In either form, the table offers a pleasing sense of depth and dimension, light and open without taking up too much space. The Drop Leaf was designed with intention, so that one person could easily fold the table on its own, without requiring an additional set of hands. Available in white oiled oak or oiled walnut.