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A love of music never goes out of style. As many audiophiles know, vinyl records have become symbols of a genuine appreciation of music. Turntables and collections of LPs can serve as vehicles for conversation and reminders of analog days gone by. This week, in honor of the upcoming Grammy Awards, we’re highlighting five fantastic pieces to help you enjoy your favorite music and showcase your vinyl collection.
Mathias Hahn
With Kin Long, Mathias Hahn presents a modular storage solution consisting of cabinets that can be stacked, placed in a row, or used alone. The interior of each piece can be customized, making it ideal for housing your audio equipment, LPs, CDs, cassettes, and yes, even 8-tracks. Available in solid oak or walnut, or, for those seeking a pop of color, multiple stained oak options.
Yrjö Kukkapuro
Karuselli offers a profoundly pleasurable experience, perfect for sitting back, relaxing, and immersing yourself in the sounds of your favorite recordings. Distinct in style and exceptionally comfortable, the Karuselli Lounge Chair exemplifies designer Yrjö Kukkapuro’s interest in achieving ultimate comfort through a union of function, ergonomics, and organic form.
Dan Svarth
Despite the name, Dan Svarth’s Book Keeper was orginally designed to house his prized collection of vinyl. It is a contemporary corner display unit which allows you to store an assortment of records, books, and more. Easy to move and rearrange, it feels harmonious in a variety of locations—on the floor, a tabletop, a counter. Available in vermillion, black-brown, traffic grey, may green, light blue and melon yellow.
Børge Mogensen
With BM0253, arranging and displaying your prized vinyl has never been easier. This flexible and multifunctional system can be built on, and adapted, as your collection grows. Børge Mogensen’s design is the true embodiment of simplicity and functionality, featuring veneered shelves of varying sizes, oak or walnut wooden cabinets and a cylindrical black steel frame.

Time & Style
Available in three sizes, Komorebi is the perfect piece for serious audiophiles. The open shelves allow for easy organization and optimal storage no matter the size of your collection. Beautiful, geometric, and balanced, Komorebi is a solid oak shelf unit inspired by the sliding doors of traditional Japanese homes, bringing functionality and beauty to any living space.