October 27, 2014

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New York City has one of the most diverse collections of architecture in the world, therefore it’s no surprise that a city with such a rich history comes with plenty of ghost stories and eerie lore. Whether you are in search of a real haunted house or simply enjoy a spooky architecture lesson, SUITE NY is kicking off Halloween week with a list that is sure to get your blood pumping of the three most bone-chilling buildings throughout the five boroughs.

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14 West 10th Street

Located in peaceful Greenwich Village, this seemingly charming townhouse has a history that is anything but pleasant. Built in 1856, this 10th street residence is home to one of NYC’s most shocking crimes: the 1987 murder of Lisa Steinberg. Six-year-old Lisa was savagely beaten to death by her father, criminal defense attorney Joel Steinberg, and she has haunted the brownstone ever since. However, little Lisa isn’t the only spirit rumored to inhabit this space. Since its construction over 158 years ago, 22 of the building’s previous residents passed away mysteriously, leaving behind their tortured energy. Many visitors have also claimed encounters with the ghost of Mark Twain, who resided in the townhouse in 1900.

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Roosevelt Island

This historic octagonal structure was once the main entrance to one of the most horrific sites in the greater New York City area: The New York Lunatic Asylum. Notorious for the intense mistreatment of patients, the atrocities that occurred within this rotunda and its hospital were exposed in the 1887 book Ten Days in a Mad-House, by author and former patient Nellie Bly. In the novel, reporter Nellie Bly recounts her undercover investigation of the hospital where she witnessed violent doctor-patient brutality, purposeful mis-diagnosis of lunacy, and even the forced consumption of toxic meals. Today The Octagon is the entrance to an apartment complex where there have been several reports of unexplained paranormal activity.

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72nd & Central Park West

The last home and assassination site of the late John Lennon, The Dakota is a beautiful nightmare that been situated across from Central Park for over 134 years. The German-Gothic/ Victorian style structure was erected between 1880-1884 and has come to be known as one of NYC’s most haunted buildings. Since the late 1950’s, residents have reported numerous spiritual apparitions and happenings throughout the building: a Victorian girl playing with a ball in the hallways, sounds of unclaimed footsteps on the third floor, vanishing chandeliers, a wailing woman, and even John Lennon’s ghost.

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