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modern red furniture


SUITE NY wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

In honor of lovers everywhere, we invite you to read an excerpt from a letter by Le Corbusier to his beloved wife Yvonne Gallus, dated July 18, 1952:

“Petit Von,
You still don’t really know that, for so many years now, you have been the guardian angel at the bottom of my heart. You are in my thoughts at every moment—at home or away from home. Every time I see you again I see that you are as—or even, with age, more—beautiful. In your face there is something extraordinary.

Good G, for thirty years I’ve been coming back to Paris like a carriage horse to the manger, galloping and neighing (silently!) with joy. You know it full well, you see it full well. In 30 years have you ever seen a look of regret on my face, or a distracted thought when I’m with you? I love you much more than ever…”

via Pin-Up Magazine.