HAMPTONS MAGAZINE: Tom Dixon Cog Collection

HAMPTONS: Tom Dixon Cog Collection

In the 2014 Holiday issue of Hamptons Magazine, the publication gossips gold with SUITE NY Principal Kris Fuchs on Tom Dixon’s Cog collection. Fuchs shares her tips on holiday décor and how to incorporate metallic accents into the modern Hamptons home using glitzy accessories like those from Tom Dixon as well as other home goods from SUITE NY.

A super-functional collection of candleholders and containers formed from brass-plated aluminum, each piece from Cog is crafted using traditional fine machine making cutting and knurling tools. Each object is polished, buffed and finished with lacquer for high-shine and a dazzling appearance.

Shop the Cog collection and other brass accessories from Tom Dixon at SUITENY.COM and gear up on gifts with our official 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.