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With Halloween just a few days away, we find ourselves drawn to the darker side of things—and while gothic themes may feel particularly fitting toward the end of October, designs that inspire feelings of fantasy and mystery can create stunning and evocative settings year-round, whether you’re designing residential or commercial spaces. This week, in celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, we’re inviting your inner goth to shine through and highlighting five hauntingly beautiful designs to elevate your space into another realm.
No animal is more quintessentially Halloween than the enchanting and elusive bat, whose elegant, winged silhouette has inspired GamFratesi’s stunning Bat Lounge, which carries strong references to a bat’s physical shape. Featuring a wide, distinctive shell reminiscent of the shape of a bat’s wingspan, this alluring lounge chair finds its balance between the traditional and eccentric. The design emphasizes a Scandinavian approach to craft, prioritizing simplicity and functionalism while also carrying strong references to minimalist design. Available with a high or low back, and in a wide range of upholstery options and different bases.
Toyo Ito
Like a lantern in the night, Mayuhana beautifully illuminates your space and features an elaborate shade in spun fiberglass, almost reminiscent of a delicate spiderweb. While minimalist and contemporary, the Mayuhana Floor Lamp displays a distinct texture—and when paired with a warm white bulb, creates a basking light where shadows play with the fine strands of the spun fiberglass shade. Within the shade is a finely woven diffuser with multiple layers, creating a captivating and innovative lighting design. Produced by world-renowned lighting powerhouse Yamagiwa, Mayuhana showcases the impeccable attention to detail that makes Japanese design so spectacular and unique. Available in black or white.
Time & Style
Dark and enticing, the simple lines of traditional Japanese design and natural light filtering through the glass create a sense of magnificence and mystery in the Silent Cabinet—a storage unit that combines a solid frame with a selection of refined, eco-conscious materials. As a bookcase, Silent Cabinet offers a spacious shelving system for beautifully displaying your favorite books, while also offering a useful two-column drawer, to store any additional items. Subtle and sophisticated, this elegant design masterfully incorporates the essential qualities of Japanese aesthetics and is certain to become a cherished and enduring part of your home.
Perfect for lounging, the Pouf Capitonne is a frighteningly fabulous design, beckoning you to relax and unwind after an evening of ghostly gatherings. In black leather, this timeless design becomes utterly irresistible—one could easily envision Elvira or Morticia Addams splayed out gracefully across this stylish pouf, their black gowns cascading elegantly over the side. The piece is completely crafted by hand and offers ample seating for you and your guests, and is large enough to meet a variety of functional uses. Pouf Capitonne is ideal for rooms of many sizes and many purposes, as well as different kinds of spaces entirely—homes, hotels, restaurants, shops, or offices—and is available in graded in leather in various colors with coordinating buttons or in COM/COL.
Frits Henningsen
With its prominent high back and flowing, graceful frame, the Signature chair is chic and sophisticated, and carries a throne-like quality. The chair was designed by Frits Henningsen, a cabinetmaker who held his profession to very high standards. Henningsen often began by creating a small model—in this case, using modeling clay and toothpicks. The frame was then made in his Copenhagen workshop, undergoing months of testing and adjustments before Henningsen was content. After the lounge chair was completed in 1954, fewer than 20 pieces were produced. Thankfully, no magic spells were needed to revive this classic design—Carl Hansen & Søn reintroduced the piece more than five decades later. Immortally stylish and striking from any angle, the Signature Chair’s frame is available in solid oak or walnut.