As the final days of October are approaching, we’re finding ourselves enamored with the darker side of things—and throughout our collection, we find items with an air of mysticism and magic about them. This week, in anticipation of All Hallows’ Eve, we’re thrilled to share five hauntingly chic designs that will put a spell on you.
Jonas Bohlin
Jonas Bohlin’s Concrete Chair is an achievement in sculptural design. Challenging traditional and societal norms within the design world when it was first unveiled in 1982, this piece was first made using only concrete and steel. Now crafted with wood, Concrete’s name serves as a reminder of its original design—geometric, minimalist, and angular, with a silhouette unlike any other. In black, it exudes an aura of dark sophistication.
Angelo Mangiarotti
The M Table, a shadowy and enigmatic masterpiece, exudes an aura of mystique which is perfectly in tune with the approaching season. In black Marquina marble, the M Table is a symphony of obsidian and serves as the perfect vehicle for showcasing the depth and richness of this extraordinary material. Also available in white Carrara marble, grey Carnic marble, green Alpi marble, Emperador Dark marble, or Travertine.
FK 6720
Fabricius & Kastholm
The FK 6720, dressed in black leather, is sure to seduce you with its captivating allure. In the dim embrace of a haunting light, black upholstery emerges as a harbinger of chic sophistication, enchanting your space with its irresistible charm. The design rests luxurious, cushions on top of an angular, black powder coated steel frame. The result is a frighteningly elegant chair, ideal for the modern home.
DeCastelli Edition
Mikal Harrsen
Dark, moody, and textural, Skyscraper is crafted from black oxidized iron sheets which create a somber chromatic pattern. The piece evokes the feeling of a stormy night sky, with endless depth and enticing hues. The design itself contrasts beautifully against the sleek, anodized aluminum frame. The designer, Harrsen, states: “Skyscraper is a geometric interplay that resembles a braided surface reminiscent of windows and facades on a high-rise building.” Skyscraper can be displayed singularly, in a pair, or as a quadriptych.

Yabu Pushelberg
Appearing as if it could be a portal to another dimension, Scribble offers a unique visual motif. More than a mirror, it presents itself as an other-worldly work of art. Its mirrored surface mimics the haunting essence of a brushstroke against a backdrop of inky black, imparting an avant-garde spirit. Disclaimer: We do not advise using this mirror to summon apparitions at midnight.