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Got books?

No matter how you organize your library; by author, title, genre or color, SUITE New York has your style needs covered. This week we showcase two organizational systems guaranteed to make your library look great no matter what the content.


Paperback is a modular wall mounted shelving system designed by Studio Parade. Each panel has 13 shelves, 3 of which have an extended “tab” to hold larger books, magazines or a collection of objects. Easy to mount via 4 screws, Paperback takes up a minimum of space while making maximum style impact.Forged from compressed, layers of Kraft paper, this shelf is one solid piece. Paperback Small was introduced during the 2011 IMM Cologne Fair to accompany the already successful Paperback. Both sizes can be combined to store small, large, or even wall-to-wall sized libraries.


Another modular shelving system by Studio Parade, Babel is a stylish multifunctional system that can be used as a side table, bookcase or room divider. Babel is constructed of natural birch plywood with synthetic longwearing matte laminated shelves. Each module comes with loose blocks to be placed into the cabinet in any way you desire. Customizability is key and additional modules can be added to the base for a maximum height of 72.8″. Babel’s neutral style perfectly accentuates a collection of books or collectables.