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SUITE NY’s longstanding partnership with Giopato & Coombes is one of our most cherished relationships. This independent Italian lighting atelier continues to release innovative, striking designs that push the envelope and explore the vast creative possibilities with lighting design. Beginning on September 6th, they will be bringing their latest projects and creations to Paris in an exclusive, dedicated space during a monthlong pop-up gallery in the heart of Saint-Germain-de-Pres at 21, Rue Bonaparte, 75006. In celebration of this exciting event, this week we’re highlighting five of our favorites from Giopato & Coombes inimitable collection.
Giopato and Coombes
Maehwa, translated from Korean as “plum blossom,” is an homage to the design’s source of inspiration. Each element of Maehwa – the modular metallic structure, the glass spheres, and the light source, is cohesively organic. The design, which almost appears to be blooming directly out of the wall, has a transcendent, ethereal quality and is available in an extensive array of configurations. Available in transparent, opal white, pale pink or smokey grey glass.
Giopato and Coombes
Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes cited the airiness and lightweight nature of soap bubbles as the inspiration for the Bolle Collection, and it’s easy to see the connection. Appearing as an array of floating glass bubbles, the design is defined by a series of juxtapositions, an amalgamation of shapes, materials, textures, and sizes. Bolle houses a suspended integrated LED light source within transparent spheres that illuminate the room while also reflecting light off the curved interiors of the glass shade. Available in seven standard sizes, as well as array of finishes and custom configurations.
Giopato and Coombes
Inspired by concepts in outer space, specifically stardust and lunar magnetism, Gem offers a celestial elegance while emitting a soft, ambient light. This whimsical and ethereal light fits harmoniously into spaces of different shapes, sizes, and functions, and is meticulously handcrafted to ensure the highest quality possible. Both a work of art and a functional lighting design, the Gem is certain to become an instant conversation piece wherever it is placed, allowing you to add a magical ambience within your space. Available in multiple sizes, finishes and configurations.
Giopato and Coombes
Meaning “jewels” in English, the Gioielli collection is inspired by the feeling of peering into an antique jewelry box. It exhibits the perfect combination of geometric forms, technology, and artistry. The design is defined by the creative and unexpected juxtaposition between its brass metallic structure and Murano glass “gems.”  The combination of reflective materials, and the relationship between the shapes, creates a harmony and unites the entire composition. Available in a variety of custom sizes and configurations.

Giopato and Coombes
The Cirque collection is inspired by the magic of acrobats. Envision looking up, immersed in the darkness, gazing at their infinite vaults. They draw circles and luminous pirouettes in the air, resulting in shapes that naturally and effortlessly combine together. Cirque is magic vaulting made of glass and brass. This collection recalls that graceful movement with its slender thread-like structures in brushed brass, which change shape to create infinite geometric compositions. Available in an array of sizes, finishes and configurations.