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Have you ever considered all of the important moments that occur at a table? Holidays, first dates, cherished family memories, important meetings, or simply a cup of coffee to start our day, or a glass of wine as we wind down—all are facilitated with the help of a table. And because we spend so much time sitting at tables, it’s only fair that the tables in our homes and workspaces truly enrich our lives, whether through added functionality and convenience, or through aesthetics, introducing style and personality to our spaces. This week, we’re highlighting five tables that showcase the versatile range of options available for dining, meeting, and enjoying each other’s company.
A table with a name like “Epic” must have quite a profound presence to be worthy of such an adjective; and this table certainly is. Epic is a stunning and impressive design, available as both a dining table and a coffee table. This sculptural piece of furniture was inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture, and the influence is undeniable. Made in Italy from travertine stone, the monolithic form emphasizes the materiality of the stone, the natural beauty of its veins, and the vibrant texture of its unique patina—in which new detail can be discovered with every use. Dining version available in burnt red or neutral white; coffee table available in burnt red, neutral white, or vibrant grey.
Hvidt & Mølgaard
Drop Leaf was initially designed in 1956, and as the name suggests, this beautiful table is built in the drop-leaf style, with a hinged section on each side that folds down from the fixed center. In addition to offering visual elegance, the drop-leaf style of the design is incredibly convenient and allows you to save space as needed, while offering a design that can be used as both a console table or a dining table. In either form, the table offers a pleasing sense of depth and dimension, light and open without taking up too much space. The table was designed with intention, so that one person could easily fold the table on its own, without requiring an additional set of hands. Available in white oiled oak or oiled walnut.
Ole Schjøll
Initially designed for his own home, Ole Schjøll set out to create the perfect dining table, where meals could be enjoyed with family and friends. The result is a contemporary, geometric dining table where circle and cube meet in the form of a round table top and steel wire base. However, the table’s sculptural properties are most evident in the connecting steel wires of its base, which form a star-shaped focal point that allows the dining table to become the centerpiece of the room. A truly unique dining table, the OS Dining Table incorporates a wide range of design techniques and principles to establish a sculptural design that effortlessly sets itself apart. The top, or topplete as they call it, is actually reversible with one side in black linoleum and the other white laminate, allowing you to effortlessly transform your space on a whim.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Marble is a striking material for a table, and never has it looked so flawless as in the Eros Occasional Table. Designed by iconic Italian architect Angelo Mangiarotti, Eros immediately commands attention through its regal, sculptural presence. Featuring a smooth, rounded tabletop and distinct conical base, all built entirely out of solid marble, Eros is a design that is meant to be admired for decades on end. Available in Carrara marble, grey Carnic marble, green Alpi marble, Emperador Dark marble, or black Marquinia marble. Additionally, the table is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, to meet the needs of any space.
Hvidt & Mølgaard
Elegant and unexpected, the Pinwheel table is an entirely innovative design. The complete design is composed of six smaller tables that are purchased individually. Slot them together, however, and they cleverly form one circular piece. Designed to be customized, Pinwheel can be arranged and rearranged to suit a myriad of uses and living arrangements; as several smaller cafe-style tables placed throughout the home, placed together as a console, or even configured into the shape of a snake or a flower. With Pinwheel, the possibilities are endless, and no matter what, the design will always look stylish and intriguing.