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One of the most exciting things about innovative design is that it can provide a vision for the future, a glimpse into what’s possible when forward-thinking designers are willing to push the envelope and try something new. These kinds of designs create spaces that feel immersive and contemporary. This week, we’re highlighting five futuristic designs to elevate your space and push your sense of style into the next era.
Philippe Starck
With Marlene, Philippe Starck has created a mirror that reflects his sense of drama and fantasy. He describes Marlene as “The very expression of both a real and phantasmagoric vision of oneself.” The curved surface creates an effect which bends shapes and refracts light, making Marlene a mirror unlike any other. Available in spectrum-bending silver, white or pink.
Luciano Vistosi
The Munega Lamp from Luciano Vistosi explores glass as sculpture in a seductive freehand design. Born in Murano and growing up around glass masters, Vistosi developed a materials-first design approach. His pieces showcase the refinement of glass. The rounded design catches the eye and soft indentations translate to an artful silhouette. Warm light filters through this large-scale lamp, creating a pleasant, otherworldy aura.
Piero Lissoni
Italian designer Piero Lissoni’s Wireframe Table is a functional piece of Op Art. The parallelepiped shape creates irregular angles, making it appear as if the glass structures were sliding through the air. The rhomboid’s edges are enhanced by color contour lines, which create a visual effect similar to that of a neon glow. Because each table is made entirely of transparent extralight glass, the ability to see through the structure allows the design to develop an exciting interplay with the surrounding interior. Available in three sizes and multiple colors.
Birgitte Due Madsen
Continuum by Birgitte Due Madsen illustrates her profound understanding of plaster and how the material reacts to light. The repetition of three-dimensional curves generates a near-complete gray scale of light and shadow on the material’s porous white surface. The result is a dynamic work of art with a spectacular sense of depth and perspective. Available in two patterns, Continuum A-A and Continuum B-B, each variant is available in a limited edition quantity of 20. Made in Piemonte, Italy.

Jonas Bohlin
Concrete is an eye-catching, minimalistic, and geometric armchair. The armchair’s idiosyncratic silhouette incorporates graphic, sharp angles and unique shapes. As one of Sweden’s most admired designers, Jonas Bohlin has created countless design classics, all in the spirit of classic Scandinavian tradition. Contemporary and forward-thinking, Concrete has the potential to truly transform a space.