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While the best designs for the home incorporate functionality and convenience, it takes creativity to transform a design into something truly spectacular. In many of our favorite pieces, the lines between art and design are intentionally blurred, allowing us to adorn our spaces with functional works of art. This week, we’re highlighting five designs in our collection that embody the unique interplay between form and function.
Dan Pollock
Dan Pollock’s bowls are each one-of-a-kind, allowing for endless possibilities and originality from one piece to the next. The bowls flawlessly highlight Pollock’s skill at transforming reclaimed wood into functional works of art. Offering a balance between rustic and modern, the bowls fit beautifully into rooms of varying styles.
Nanda Vigo
Like so many stunning designs by Glas Italia, Andromeda continues to push the envelope for what a mirror is and can become. Available in an exciting range of patterns and shapes, Andromeda adds a sense of modernity to any space. This contemporary and chic design feels entirely different than anything we’ve seen before.
Vincent Van Duysen
Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen’s collection of pottery epitomizes his minimalist aesthetic, often expressed through the use of natural materials and subdued color. Whether used for serving, decoration, or storing everyday items, VVD Pottery is an ideal accessory for today’s home or office. The collection is available in a wide range of colors and materials to perfectly compliment any space.
Jonas Bohlin
Zink is a prime example of how innovative design can be used to elevate everyday items and transform them into extraordinary works of art. Angular and eye-catching, Zink appears as so much more than a bookshelf; it is a design which incorporates balance, structure, texture, and shape. Made from birch and concrete, Zink is perfect for showcasing your favorite books and magazines.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Continuing his exploration into working with bronze, Angelo Mangiarotti designed the CAP53 collection in 1959. SUITE NY proudly holds two sets of this elegant, limited series. Crafted through the process of lost-wax casting, polishing enhances the color and brilliance of the bronze. CAP53 is available in three versions, each produced in a limited edition of only 100 numbered copies.