March 18, 2020

During these challenging times we understand how difficult it is to balance our focus between our health and well-being, while also realizing that we all deserve a little creative inspiration in order to keep our minds and souls healthy and fulfilled as well. In this spirit, we decided to dig into our archives in order to recognize and celebrate iconic designs from decades past. Classic designs have an immeasurable impact on our world—in addition to influencing style, iconic designs have a pivotal effect, changing history and altering the way we live. This week, we’re showcasing five iconic designs that not only steered the conversation, but entirely transformed design as we know it.
Hans J. Wegner
Hans J. Wegner is known for bringing us countless iconic designs throughout history, and is broadly recognized as one of the most influential Danish designers of all time. At SUITE NY we’re proud to carry a wide variety of his iconic designs from the award-winning household staples to the lesser-known gems. Elegant and agile, the PP524 changed the way we understand relaxation, offering an opportunity to truly lounge. Designed in 1958, the chair exhibits a profound mid-century appeal, but the design itself is versatile enough to stand the test of time and feels current in environments of virtually any time period thereafter.
Paolo Tilche
Does Rea feel familiar? That may be because you’ve seen it before—or because you’ve seen one of the countless chairs directly influenced by Rea’s iconic concept and silhouette. Designed by architect Paolo Tilche, Rea is a timeless chair that feels just as relevant now as when it was first released in 1958. Light and minimalist, Rea has the ability to elegantly define a space without feeling overbearing. Frame in matte black powder-coated steel, seat and backrest in vegetable-tanned aniline leather.
Smilow Design
Designs like the Smilow Hanging Pendant truly redefined what chic meant and felt like. The linen lampshade and birch dowels create a gorgeous juxtaposition of color and texture, allowing the light to bring a softness and brightness into a room while complementing the entire Smilow furniture collection. The hanging lamp sets a tone for the space it occupies, evoking an immediate sense of style. This piece works beautifully as a statement piece in the home, and also feels exceptionally impactful when used repetitiously throughout larger, commercial spaces. Available in two sizes.
Erik Magnussen
Erik Magnussen designed Zdown in 1968, but as any iconic design should, this chair still feels unexpected and refreshing, unlike anything we’ve seen before or after. Ideal for hotels, foyer, receptions and the privacy of your home, Zdown’s use of natural leather and sleek stainless steel, combined with the design’s unique silhouette, establish a chair that feels timeless and contemporary in any environment. Elegant and comfortable, Zdown stylishly straddles the middle ground between simple and complex, an ideal seating solution with a defined sense of character. 
Arne Jacobsen
The Egg™ Chair by Arne Jacobsen is one of history’s most well-known designs, by one of Europe’s most iconic designers. Initially designed for the lobby and reception areas in the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the Egg™ chair draws from Jacobsen’s architectural expertise as well as his dynamic understanding of functional design. Because of the unique shape, the Egg™ guarantees a bit of privacy in otherwise public spaces and is ideal for lounge and waiting areas as well as for the home. Though it was designed more than 60 years ago, the chair immediately evokes a sense of modernity and style.
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