February 19, 2020

February is always an exciting time at SUITE NY. With the beginning of the year comes the anticipation of new designs arriving in our showroom. Whether the designs are new launches or iconic pieces from decades past, these new additions carry the potential to inspire amazing ideas and create stunning spaces in the year to come. This week, we’re highlighting five designs currently on display at our Park Avenue showroom, located at 419 Park Avenue South, and open Monday through Friday between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. 
MA/U Studio – Søren Ulrik Petersen
As the spaces we occupy continue to modernize, the need for designs that serve multiple functions is greater than ever. Enter the N.E.T. Table. N.E.T., which stands for Never Ending Table, is a sleek, modern and versatile piece, ideal for both the home or workplace—a flexible design providing endless possibilities. The N.E.T. Table can be used in a multitude of ways—office conference table, shared desk in co-working spaces, residential dining table, or in hospitality applications.
Line Depping
There is something so exciting about a design that reinvents a familiar concept, and Line Depping’s Tool Boxes is a prime example of the exceptional difference that expert design can make to a simple, household item. Depping designed this piece with the intention of proving that toolboxes can be more than just practical — they can be beautiful. Ideal for daily use, Tool Boxes allows you to organize everyday items in a design that incorporates both usefulness and aesthetics. Each drawer takes hours to make, and only the highest quality materials are selected to use. Wood drawers available in natural pine or yellow pigmented color-graduated ash.
Jaime Hayón
Simply put, Fred™ is a gorgeous chair. Incredibly chic and exceptionally comfortable, this design exhibits an elegant and sophisticated sense of mid-century appeal. Through a beautiful juxtaposition of wood and upholstery, sporting clean lines and rounded edges, the armchair adds a profound sense of style to homes of both contemporary and traditional tastes. Fred™ is available in a wide range of upholstery colors, with a frame available in oak, walnut, or black stained oak, which allows for harmonious combinations to pair with any room.
Elisa Ossino
Clean, contemporary, and enticing, Elementi is a stunning suspension light. Defined by bodies of different sizes, the lights are able to freely aggregate around a thin metal rod in different hierarchical and compositional orders. Elementi is profound enough to truly define the space around it, capable of adding a much-needed sense of modernity and style for anyone looking to elevate a room through innovative, eye-catching lighting designs. Available in two sizes, and also available as a table lamp.
Knud Holscher & Ejnar Pedersen
Designed by the collaborative minds of two lifelong friends, Knud Holscher and Ejnar Pedersen’s chair is the result of two lifetime’s worth of design expertise. Holscher was 85 and Pedersen was 93 years old when the idea emerged, proving that genius and creativity get sharper over time. From the unique silhouette to the unexpected lines of the frame, there’s an effortless magic that transforms Khep into something truly special. The painted ash frame in red, black, or grey, along with the hand-braided wicker seat combine in perfect harmony, pulling this sophisticated design together and creating a sense of warmth. The perfect addition to both traditional and contemporary homes.
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