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The earthiness of fall colors, in varied hues of red, yellow, orange, and brown, provide a sense of warmth that cannot be imitated. A fleeting symbol of transition, these beautiful colors and tones stay with us for just a few short months before giving way to winter’s greys and blues—and we find ourselves waiting in anticipation for their return the following year. However, the beauty of good design is that it captures our favorite moments and feelings, and allows us to incorporate them into our homes—so this week, we’re highlighting five captivating lighting designs to bring the beauty of fall colors into your space as we find ourselves entering the coldest season.
Giopato & Coombes
If you’re in search of warm, ambient lighting, look no further than the stunningly elegant Dewdrops suspension light by iconic Italian design duo, Giopato & Coombes. Inspired by the dewdrops on blades of grass, glistening as they reflected the subtle light of the moon, Dewdrops simply embody the essence of romance. In keeping with Giopato & Coombe’s portfolio of unique and forward-thinking lighting designs, Dewdrops’ structure and silhouette are exceptionally innovative. Defined by a sophisticated visual lightness, this balancing mobile lighting structure emits a soft light and is available in two configurations.
Hvidt & Mølgaard
After the success of its floor lamp, &Tradition has expanded the Tripod series to include a table lamp with the same timeless design. Tripod, a table lamp built from powder-coated steel with brass details, reflects the clean minimalism of historic Copenhagen-based duo Hvidt & Mølgaard. Considered old masters of mid-century Danish design, their pieces often lend a sculptural element to the spaces they inhabit. Shade and base in lacquered metal, available in black, maroon, or moss.
Smilow Design
A testament to Mel Smilow’s incredibly thoughtful and thorough approach to design, the Hanging Pendant combines an expert knowledge of design and craftsmanship with a keen eye for detail, and an instinct for creating designs that look simply fabulous. The Hanging Pendant is a gorgeous lamp, and a stunning introduction to the Smilow Lighting Collection, whose brass tones compliment the earthy tones of autumn. The lamp features brass fixtures, a walnut structure, and a linen lampshade with birch dowels, creating a sense of depth, pattern, and personality. Available in two sizes.
Time & Style
Quality and lightness come together in Time & Style’s Lantern Floor light, which utilizes Sekishu washi paper produced in Japan’s Shimane Prefecture to make the lamp’s delicate shade. Artisan crafting and a love for traditions are the guiding thread for the production of these lamps. Mulberry tree fibers, also from the bark, make the paper sturdy. Light filtering through the Sekishu washi paper envelops everything to create a delicate and refined atmosphere, which provides a soft, warm, comforting glow. Cozy and inviting, Lantern has a magnificent capability for setting a warm tone in any room.
Paavo Tynell
The beauty of solid brass lighting shines through—literally and figuratively–in Paavo Tynell’s 9464 Wall Lamp. 9464 effortlessly accomplishes what all designs strive to achieve: a timeless sense of style that spans across decades, allowing the light to feel chic and alluring in virtually any setting. Whether used to illuminate residential, commercial, or office spaces, 9464 is a unique addition, adorning walls with a refined sleekness and brightness. Deceptively simple, the lamp features Tynell’s thoughtful and distinctive traits of twin dot perforation pattern combined with notched edges, further highlighting 9464’s dynamic personality.