Fall Equinox

September 26, 2018

As the summer sun drifts and the dusk of a new season sets in, so does our desire for the warmth and intimacy of autumn. This week we bring you five pieces that evoke the essence of the season. During the transitional fall, rich textures, natural tones, and organic shapes take the spotlight.
Viggo Boesen, 2018
Designed in 1938, the Little Petra is one of the few pieces designed by Danish architect, Viggo Boesen. The Little Petra, named after Boesen’s mother in law, has a petite silhouette with a big personality. Low to the ground, open and inviting, you’ll never want to get up from this encapsulating lounge chair. Shown here in sheepskin, the Little Petra is also available in a variety of fabrics and leathers. Legs available in oak or walnut.
Gubi Design Team, 2014
This refined table by Gubi is an ideal addition to any any dining room. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, the number of configurations on the Gubi 2.0 make it suitable for residential and contract spaces alike. Made with a steel base, shown here in polished brass, this versatile piece is sure to meet your tastes and needs. Table top available in glass, wood, laminate or marble.
Salem Van Der Swaagh
Designed by environmentally conscious designer, Salem Van Der Swaagh, the SVS Pillows are a must-have accessory this fall. Made from 100% repurposed material, these oversized luxurious wool pillows feel as good as they look. Hand-woven and one of a kind, use these pieces as floor seating cushions, decorative pillows, or supportive cushions to create a warm environment in whatever room they’re in. 
Hans J. Wegner, 1945
Inspired by his studies at the Danish Museum of Industrial Arts and eastern cultures, Wegner’s PP66 became a cornerstone of his iconic designs. Exuding both traditional and contemporary elegance, the Chinese chair is designed to fit seamlessly under a table while offering maximum support. The high back, low armrests, and slight bend of the center back board result in the ultimate chair.
Formstelle, 2016
Developed as a larger option to Formstelle’s Turntable Round, this German-designed piece has achieved a unique and sophisticated level of craftsmanship. Designed for a large group, this solid wood table will provide ample seating, be it conference or family. Available in different colors and sizes to suit your needs. Contract grade.
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