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There is something exciting about an expressive design that pushes the envelope. Through innovative use of color, material, geometry, and construction, many of our most beloved designers created a name for themselves through designs that seem to speak their own language. This week, we’re highlighting five evocative designs to add impact and emotion—and maybe a tasteful touch of drama—to your space.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Yet another testament to the ingenuity and innovative spirit of Italian icon Angelo Mangiarotti, the M table serves as a reminder of why the designer received worldwide acclaim for his achievements in stone. The M Table is a fluid design with a silhouette that establishes itself as a timeless statement piece. Available in Travertine, white Carrara marble, grey Carnic marble, green Alpi marble, Emperador Dark marble, or black Marquina marble.
Pierre Sindre
To quote designer Pierre Sindre, “My chair is an homage to the Windsor chair, and the journey it has made into our present-day way of life.” His design features a cage-like back and swivel base, referencing the original while evoking a modern point of view. Available with low or high back, an optional neck pillow, and an ottoman, the potential for customization and personalization allows Windsor to suit itself to your specific needs. Frame in oak. Swivel base in stainless steel. Available in multiple finishes.
Nina Jobs
Stylish and whimsical, the Loop coat rack is a playful and practical home storage solution designed by Nina Jobs. Suitable for a wide range of environments, Loop brings a refreshing silhouette and dynamic character wherever it is placed, from restaurants and lounges to offices and private homes. Available in natural or stained solid ash.
Aldo Bakker
Designed by the inimitable Aldo Bakker, Coffee Table is an entirely new concept for an occasional table which requires a masterful understanding of metallurgy. The design consists of a single sheet of steel, cut so that it can be “rolled up” into a table in one smooth motion, resulting in a poetic fluidity not often found in metalwork. Available in two sizes and the following colors: sky grey, dusty green, dark sepia, bay leaf, or dark terracotta.

The luxurious Narcisse juxtaposes colors, textures, and shapes to create a functional light sculpture. The lamp was designed intentionally to highlight the brilliant qualities of alabaster and bronze, as well as the craftsmanship required to blend the two materials. The result is unexpected and ethereal, a lamp that feels like a representation of past, present, and future. Its powerful form shines in both classic and contemporary spaces.