October 16, 2019

When dining in style, accessories are often the secret to creating the perfect environment and ambiance. Whether it’s the addition of an exceptional cutlery set, a stylish and innovative serving tray, or your favorite set of glasses, there’s magic in the details of how we put together a special meal, allowing us to create memorable, beautiful moments around the dinner table. This week, we’re highlighting five dining accessories to impress your guests, and elevate and transform your dining experience.
John Pawson
Inspired by and designed for a cisterian monastery in Bohemia, John Pawson’s tableware collection feels tranquil and serene, intended to create perfect harmony within your dining space. From the idea of creating a set of essential equipment for the monks' refectory has evolved a collection which represents an elegant sense of minimalism for the contemporary table. Through exceptional simplicity, the Platedish becomes something incredibly stylish—even, subtle, undisturbed by extraneous details and ornaments. The Platedish is available in two sizes, and though versatile enough to work beautifully with any and all dining items, pairs perfectly with John Pawson’s KnifeForkSpoon.
If you’ve been searching for a chic way to serve food or display dining items, look no further than the CB-12 Stacking Tray. Exhibiting a profound sense of midcentury appeal, the CB-12 Stacking Tray is perfectly poised for elegant presentations. Warm and inviting in solid walnut, the CB-12 is a chic, timeless way to present tableware, utensils, food, or beverages. These elegant stacking trays are the perfect realization of the values, aesthetics, and qualities that make Bassamfellows’ designs so memorable—the merging of modern and contemporary concepts, coupled with an extraordinary appreciation for the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. The CB-12 Tray can create a striking statement of its own, but can also be stacked in multiples or paired with the CB-33 Tray Rack Side Table.
John Pawson
“Stunningly sleek” is certainly not a term that should be used loosely. However, it could be used to accurately describe John Pawson’s KnifeForkSpoon cutlery set. Though striking and contemporary, the set retains a minimalist identity, providing just the essentials—the minimum utensils required to complete a meal. KnifeForkSpoon is a resounding testament to stylish simplicity, and makes the claim that excess is not always required to inspire elegance. With the addition of KnifeForkSpoon, your cutlery drawer has never looked better. Entire set in mirror-finished stainless steel.
Ritva Puotila
Woodnotes’ collection of Paperyarn Placemats are a series of stunning yet subtle designs born out of Ritva Puotila’s ongoing collaboration with Woodnotes. Available in an extensive range of colors and patterns, there is a Paper Yarn Placemat to suit tables and dining spaces of virtually any color, style, and size. Paper Yarn’s patterns emanate a profound sense of calm, evenness, and harmony, with each design presenting a playful and contemporary balance of colors and shapes. No matter your taste or style preference, Wodnotes’ Paper Yarn Placemats will provide the finishing touch to tie your dining tabletop together. Also available as a table runner.
Joe Colombo
Serving beverages is an essential part of any social gathering, so why not do it in style? Designed in 1968, Sferico is a mid-century modern collection of glass drinkware, defined by rounded, geometric figures. Sferico’s shapes are unexpected yet appealing, and designed to cater to specific beverages, ranging from water and wine to whiskey and beer. This elegant collection is a magnificent addition to any kitchen or home barware set, and is an ideal dining accessory for day-to-day use or entertaining guests on special occasions.
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