September 11, 2019

What components are necessary to create the perfect dining experience? Food and ambiance, of course, but also the furniture. A quality dining chair will incorporate style, comfort, and ergonomics, to help create memorable dining experiences and ensure continued relaxation throughout the duration of your meal. This week, we’re highlighting five chairs to elevate your dining space, whether residential or commercial.
Matti Klenell & Peter Andersson
When it comes to dining chairs, the design possibilities are vast, which leads to exciting and innovating options that feel new and refreshing. Botero’s shape and silhouette are both genuinely unique, and the leather-upholstered seat and wraparound arms lend to exceptional comfort. Originally designed for the newly renovated National Museum in Stockholm, and available in a wide range of colors, Botero is an ideal choice for both residential or commercial dining spaces.  
Upholstered dining chairs can introduce welcome elements of comfort and style to the dining experience, and that is exactly the case with Zenso. A fantastic addition to design duo Formstelle’s noteworthy portfolio, Zenso was influenced by Japanese design and exudes a feeling of elegance, simplicity, and tranquility. Through Zenso, Formstelle expresses an understanding that dining is so much more than just sitting in a chair and eating — it is an experience that engages all of our senses, and inspires connection and community with others, and thus should be enjoyed in comfort. Available upholstered in a variety of fabrics and leathers, with frame available in oak, color stained oak, or walnut.
Hans J. Wegner
PP501 is an iconic chair, built to highlight and exemplify Danish design principles. Not only did it play a huge role in defining Hans J. Wegner's illustrious career, but it established itself as the cornerstone of Danish chair construction in the future, and is consistently used by designers as a reference point. In its own modest and simple way, the PP501 sums up the essence of traditional Danish woodworking and design philosophy. Additionally, the chair claimed a historical significance when it was used in John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon's first televised debate, transcending its European roots and embedding itself permanently in American culture. 
Space Copenhagen
Just because a chair is used for dining doesn’t mean we should have to sacrifice style or coziness. Lucky for us, the Loafer dining chair elegantly provides both. Fully upholstered and featuring enveloping, wraparound back and arms, Loafer allows you to feel as if you’re dining in a hotel, whether you're at a luxury resort or in the comfort of your own home. Fine-tuned for high-end restaurants, upscale eating environments, and private homes, the Loafer chair was designed for Arne Jacobsen’s refurbished SAS Royal Hotel. Available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics.
Joe Colombo
Designed by design icon, Joe Colombo, in 1965, there is something wonderfully pleasant about Chair 300. From the slight curve of the chair’s back to the geometric cut-out within the wood frame, and the contrast between solid oak and the upholstered seat and back, the design is harmonious in every way. Chair 300’s simplicity makes it an extremely versatile design, capable of fitting seamlessly into dining spaces of a wide range of tastes and styles. Oak frame available with several finishes including black stain, smoked, or white soap, with upholstery available in fabric, leather, or nubuck.
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